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328 pages

100 figures, 19 tables, illustrated catalogue (colour throughout)

Published May 2022

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789699708

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Landscape Archaeology; GIS, Fortifications; Conflict, Warfare; Argolid; Peloponnese; Classical; Hellenistic

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A Landscape of Conflict? Rural Fortifications in the Argolid (400–146 BC)

By Anna Magdalena Blomley

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This is the first systematic study of Late Classical and Hellenistic rural fortifications in ancient Argos and the city-states of the Argolic Akte. Based on one of the largest regional corpora of Greek fortified sites, the volume investigates the function of rural fortifications by placing them in the context of their surrounding landscape.



Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: The Landscape of the Ancient Argolid ;
Chapter 3: A Typology of Ancient Fortifications ;
Chapter 4: Dating Ancient Fortifications in the Argolid ;
Chapter 5: A Regional Study of Fortifications in the Argolid ;
Chapter 6: Rural Fortifications as Territorial Defences ;
Chapter 7: Rural Fortifications as Local Defences ;
Chapter 8: Conclusions ;
Bibliography ;
Catalogue ;
Appendix: The Masonry Technique and Chronology of Fortifications in the Argolid ;
Index of Sources ;
General Index

About the Author

Anna Magdalena Blomley studied Classical Archaeology at the Universities of Heidelberg and Oxford, and received a DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2018. Her research lies at the intersection of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, exploring political, social and economic structures through the study of ancient landscapes, and combining traditional archaeological approaches with epigraphic studies and GIS-based methods of data collection and analyses. She is currently the Esmée Fairbairn Junior Research Fellow in Classics at New College, Oxford, where her work focuses on ancient Thessaly (Greece).