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149 figures, 3 tables (colour throughout)

Published Sep 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789699623

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Rock art; prehistory; petroglyphs; rock paintings; pigments

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Edited by Paul Bahn, Natalie Franklin, Matthias Strecker

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Like previous series entries, this volume covers rock art research and management all over the world over a 5-year period, in this case 2015-19. Contributions once again show the wide variety of approaches that have been taken in different parts of the world and reflect the expansion and diversification of perspectives and research questions.



Preface – Paul Bahn, Natalie Franklin and Matthias Strecker ;
New Developments in Pleistocene Art (2015–2019) – Paul G. Bahn ;
Scandinavia and Northern Europe (2015–2019) – Ulf Bertilsson, Christian Horn and Johan Ling ;
Archaeology of Late Prehistoric Images in Southern Europe: Research Agenda (2015-2019) – Primitiva Bueno Ramírez and Rodrigo de Balbín Behrmann ;
Rock Art Studies in the Alps (2015–2019) – Claudia Defrasne ;
What’s New in the Sahara? (2015-2019) – Jean-Loïc Le Quellec ;
Rock Art Research in Southern Africa (2015-2019) – Romain Lahaye ;
Rock Art Research in Arabia (2015-2019) – Charly Poliakoff ;
The North-West, the Urals and the Far East of Russia – Elena Levanova, Alexander Pakhunov, Nadezhda Lobanova and Yuri Svoisky ;
Rock Art in Western Central Asia (2015-2019) – A. E. Rogozhinskiy ;
Rock Art Studies in Mongolia (2015-2019) – Jamiyan-Ombo Gantulga and Tsagaan Turbat ;
Rock Art Research in India (2015-2019) – James Blinkhorn ;
Recent Developments in Rock Art Research in Southeast Asia (2015-2019) – Noel Hidalgo Tan and Victoria N. Scott ;
Recent Advances in China’s Rock Art Research – Ge Chao and Anni Jin ;
The Discovery of New Rock Art in Korea and its Characteristics (2015-2019) – Seog Ho Jang ;
What’s New in Research, Management and Conservation of Rock Art in Australia (2015-2019) – Natalie Franklin ;
Pacific Rock Art from 2015-2019: Local Research Trajectories and Synergistic Regional Themes and Trends – Rachel Hoerman ;
Recent Rock Art Studies in Canada – Dagmara Zawadzka ;
Rock Art Research in North America (2015-2019) – Angus R. Quinlan ;
Rock Art Research in Mexico (2015-2019) – Alma Vega, Carlos Viramontes, María de la Luz Gutiérrez, Francisco Mendiola, Sandra Cruz and Francisco Rodríguez (†) ;
New Rock Art Research in Central America and Maya Mexico (2015-2019) – Martin Künne, Philippe Costa, Priscilla Molina Muñoz and Eric Gelliot ;
Caribbean Rock Art Research (2015-2019) – Michele H. Hayward and Michael A. Cinquino ;
Advances In The Study Of Rock Art In Venezuela – Pedro Rivas ;
Rock Art Studies in Brazil (2015-2019) – Andrei Isnardis and André Prous ;
Rock Art Research in Peru (2015-2019) – Rainer Hostnig and Liz Gonzales Ruiz ;
Rock Art Studies in Bolivia (2015-2019) – Matthias Strecker and Freddy Taboada ;
New Rock Art Territories in Northern Uruguay (2015-2019) – Leonel Cabrera Pérez ;
Looking Back to Move Forward: Rock Art Research in Argentina (2015-2019) – Dánae Fiore and Mara Basile ;
Rock Art in Chile (2015-2019) – Gloria Cabello, Daniela Valenzuela and Francisca Moya

About the Author

Paul Bahn studied archaeology at Cambridge and wrote his doctoral thesis on the prehistory of the French Pyrenees. He then held postdoctoral fellowships at Liverpool and London, plus a Getty postdoctoral fellowship in the History of Art and the Humanities. Since the mid-80s, he has devoted himself to writing and editing books on archaeology and lecturing on numerous archaeological tours. His main speciality is prehistoric art, especially rock art of the world, most notably Palaeolithic art, as well as Easter Island. ;

Natalie Franklin is an internationally renowned rock art specialist. She has published widely in academic journals, co-edited the previous three volumes of Rock Art News of the World and contributed chapters to the entire series. She has extensive experience in recording rock art and developing management plans for rock art sites. Natalie currently works as a cultural heritage consultant in Brisbane, Australia. ;

Matthias Strecker is an educator and rock art expert. Both in Bolivia and internationally, Strecker has contributed signifi cantly to the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of rock art. He has carried out fieldwork in Mexico, Bolivia and Peru and has published numerous studies of rock art in Latin America. Since 1987 he has been Secretary of the Sociedad de Investigación del Arte Rupestre de Bolivia (SIARB) and editor of its publications.


'This publication will be an important reference point for anyone interested in world rock-art – in particular, students and researchers who may be embarking on or ensconced in a post-graduate career. The publishers, Archaeopress, should also be congratulated on the high-quality reproduction of the images in this book.' – George Nash (2023): Current World Archaeology 112