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Published May 2021

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789699470

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palaeoanthropology; earth science; evolutionary anthropology; primatology

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Conversations in Human Evolution: Volume 2

Edited by Lucy Timbrell

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This second volume reports another twenty interviews with scholars at the forefront of human evolution research, covering the broad scientific themes of Palaeolithic archaeology, palaeoanthropology and biological anthropology, earth science and palaeoclimatic change, evolutionary anthropology and primatology, and human disease co-evolution.



Conversations in Human Evolution – Lucy Timbrell ;

Part 1: Palaeolithic Archaeology ;
Sonia Shidrang ;
Ravi Korisettar ;
Jennifer French ;
Rebecca Wragg Sykes ;
Nena Galanidou ;

Part 2: Palaeoanthropology and biological anthropology ;
Rainer Grün ;
Briana Pobiner ;
Mirriam Tawane ;
Trish Biers ;
Tanya Smith ;
Rebecca Ackermann ;

Part 3: Earth science and palaeoclimatic change ;
Rick Potts ;
Mark Maslin ;
Yoshi Maezumi ;

Part 4: Evolutionary anthropology and primatology ;
Duncan Stibbard Hawkes ;
Ammie Kalan ;
Lynne Isbell ;

Part 5: Human-disease evolution ;
Hila May ;
Simon Underdown ;
Lluis Quintana-Murci

About the Author

Lucy Timbrell is a PhD researcher in the Archaeology of Human Origins Research Group at the University of Liverpool, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, The Leakey Foundation and the Lithic Studies Society. Broadly, she is interested in the evolution of modern human diversity, with her doctoral research focussing on quantifying the population structure of early Homo sapiens in Late-Middle Pleistocene Africa. Alongside her PhD research, she organises the widely-known University of Liverpool Evolutionary Anthropology seminar series.