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Published Apr 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Late Prehistory; Western Europe; Cultural diversity; Cultural reconfiguration; narrative

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Between the 3rd and 2nd Millennia BC: Exploring Cultural Diversity and Change in Late Prehistoric Communities

Edited by Susana Soares Lopes, Sérgio Alexandre Gomes

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This collection of studies on the cultural reconfigurations that occurred in western Europe between the 3rd and 2nd millennium BCE focuses on the evidence from the West of the Iberian Peninsula, and one on the South of England. They explore regional diversity and challenge grand narratives regarding Chalcolithic and Bronze Age communities.



Chapter 1: Introduction: The Turning of Things – Susana Soares Lopes and Sérgio Alexandre Gomes ;
Chapter 2: The Northwest Iberian Peninsula Between the Late 3rd Millennium and Early 2nd Millennium BCE as a Mosaic of Cultural Identities – Ana M.S. Bettencourt ;
Chapter 3: On Identity and Otherness Reshaping the Dynamics of Late Prehistoric Art Traditions in Northern Portugal – Lara Bacelar Alves ;
Chapter 4: The Site of Areias Altas (Porto, Portugal): Current Knowledge of its Occupation in the first Half of the 2nd Millennium BC – Sara Luz ;
Chapter 5: Searching for the Turning Point to Bronze Age Societies in Southern Portugal: Topics For A Debate – Joaquina Soares ;
Chapter 6: ‘Death in the Occident Express’: Social Breakdown in Southwestern Iberia at the End of the 3rd Millennium BC – António Carlos Valera ;
Chapter 7: A Slow Awakening on the Plain: The Bronze Age in the Beja Region (South Portugal) – Miguel Serra ;
Chapter 8: Human/Animal Interactions at the Turn of the 3rd to the 2nd Millennium BC. Zooarchaeological Data from Inner Alentejo, Portugal – Cláudia Costa ;
Chapter 9: Situated Knowledge and Early Bronze Age Occupation at Must Farm, Cambridgeshire – Lesley McFadyen

About the Author

Susana Soares Lopes is a researcher at CEAACP – University of Coimbra (Portugal). She is a retired full professor in archaeology at the University of Porto (Portugal), where she taught from 1975 to 2013. Her research, focusing on the Late Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula, has explored archaeological sites in northern Portugal by integrating a variety of theoretical orientations.

Sérgio Alexandre Gomes is a researcher at CEAACP - University of Coimbra (Portugal). His main interests lie in the history of archaeology, archaeological methods and theories, as well as the study of the Late Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula.