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40 figures, 7 maps, illustrated catalogue (colour throughout)

Published Feb 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789699135

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Cult; Roman; Asia Minor; Syria; Balkans; Epigraphy; Archaeology; Catalogue

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Ex Asia et Syria: Oriental Religions in the Roman Central Balkans

By Nadežda Gavrilović Vitas

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This book examines the cults of Asia Minor and Syrian origin in the Roman provinces of the Central Balkans. The author analyzes all hitherto known epigraphical and archaeological material attesting to the presence of the cults in that region, a subject yet to be the object of serious scholarly study.



Introduction ;

Geographical Frame and Pre-Roman History of the Central Balkan Roman Provinces ;

The History of the Research of Asia Minor and Syrian Religions and Cults ;

Cultural Influences and Romanisation ;

I. Asia Minor Religions and Cults ;
Magna Mater ;
Attis ;
Sabazius ;
Jupiter Dolichenus ;
Jupiter Turmasgades ;
The Cult of Jupiter Melanus and other Asia Minor Local Gods ;
Mēn ;
Artemis of Ephesus ;

II. Syrian Religions in the Central Balkans ;
Sol Invictus ;
Dea Syria ;
Theos Hypsistos ;

III. Quarries, Workshops and their Localisation ;

IV. Palmyrene Funerary Monuments in the Central Balkans ;

V. Conclusion ;

VI. Bibliography ;

VII. Catalogue ;

VIII. Maps

About the Author

Nadežda Gavrilović Vitas obtained her PhD in archaeology from the University of Belgrade. She has worked at the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade since 1999, mainly focusing on Roman religion, epigraphy, settlements and necropolises. She is the director of the archaeological projects and excavations ‘Mediana – the residence of Constantine the Great’ and ‘Building with octagon in Niš Fortress’ in Niš.


The volume is immaculately researched and annotated, with numerous illustrations that otherwise would be very hard to access. A work of importance for archeologists, art historians, Balkanists and anyone interested in the spread and evolution of the pagan cults of the Roman Empire. - Caroline Stone, AramcoWorld (2021)

'A well-organized book with detailed information about monuments and religious cults and their study in world literature, a balanced interpretation, based on scrupulous analyses of facts and artefacts, all that is needed to present a book like this as one of the necessary titles for future research and surveys.' – Prof. Kostadin Rabadjiev (2022): Archaeologia Bulgarica ХХV, 3

'For the conclusion of this review, it is worth repeating that the book Ex Asia et Syria, Oriental Religions in the Roman Central Balkans achieved its goal: to present the Central Balkans territory as valuable for a better understanding of Asia Minor and Syrian cults, their diffusion, and their importance for the Romanised or indigenous population and the integration of this region into the complex Greco-Roman cultural sphere.' – Jelena Anđelković Grašar (2023): Antigüedad: Religiones y Sociedades