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Published May 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Evolution; Anthropology; Prehistory; Human Origins; Behavioral Science

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Some Thoughts about the Evolution of Human Behavior: A Literature Survey

By Arthur J. Boucot

Edited by John M. Saul, John B. Southard

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On his death, Arthur Boucot (1924–2017) left an unfinished manuscript in which he surveyed the skeletal, behavioral, and cultural changes that have characterized Homo from its first recognition in the Late Pliocene to the present. The results, edited after his death, provide a heavily referenced sourcebook for future workers in diverse fields.



Preface ;

Introduction ;

Thesis ;

First Appearance of ‘New’ Behaviors or New Technologies? ;

Taxonomy ;

Quantum Evolution ;

Data ;
Summary ;
Skeletal Features ;
Soft-Tissue Evidence with Some Skeletal Basis ;
Soft-Tissue Evidence Supported by Molecular Information ;
Soft Tissue Variables with No Skeletal Evidence ;
Behavioral Features ;
Physiological Features ;
Food Processing ;
Sources of Food ;
Evidence for Cultivation ;
Cooking ;
Gathering and Processing Fruits, Seeds, and other Edible Plant Parts ;
Hunting and Fishing ;
Farming ;
Water Resources ;
Human-Waste Disposal, Rubbish Disposal, Baths, and Drainage ;
Behavioral–Technological Innovations ;
Tools and Materials ;
Warfare and Interpersonal Violence ;
Textiles, Clothing, Basketry, Matting, Wooden Containers ;
Property ;
Trading and Transport of Materials ;
Transportation ;
Fire ;
Architecture ;
Measurements and Numbers ;
Scales, Balances, Weights ;
Religion ;
Care of the Handicapped ;
Communication ;
Art ;

Conclusions ;


About the Author

Arthur James Boucot (1924-2017) was an internationally renowned paleontologist, a former President of the Paleontological Society (1980-1981), and the recipient of numerous awards and medals. His seven-decade career involved fieldwork that covered all continents, including Antarctica, resulting in over 500 peer-reviewed publications and books.