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350 figures, 4 tables (colour throughout)

Published Jun 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789698824

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Pre-Columbian archaeology; Peru; Moche culture; Recuay culture; Iconography; Archaeology of identity; Otherness/Alterity

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Archaeopress Pre-Columbian Archaeology 13

Enemy – Stranger – Neighbour: The Image of the Other in Moche Culture

By Janusz Z. Wołoszyn

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'Enemy – Stranger – Neighbour: The Image of the Other in Moche Culture' is dedicated to artistic renderings of the Recuay people in Moche art, in all available and preserved media. This study offers an analysis of several dozen complex, painted and bas-relief scenes and several hundred mould-pressed, sculpted depictions of foreigners in Moche art.



Introduction ;

Acknowledgements ;

Chapter 1: How to Represent an Enemy? ;
Foreign warriors ;
Foreign captives ;
Foreigners and large felines ;

Chapter 2: How to Represent a Stranger? ;
Coca takers ;
The ‘sleeping’ ;
Bearded men ;
‘Siamese twins’ ;

Chapter 3: How to Represent a Neighbour? ;
‘Salesmen’ ;
Burden bearers ;
Owners of pack animals ;

Final Remarks ;

Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms ;

Appendix 2: Online Catalogues of Moche Art Collections ;

Appendix 3: Representations of Foreigners in Fineline Painted Scenes in the Moche Archive ;


About the Author

Janusz Z. Wołoszyn is Associate Professor of Archaeology at the University of Warsaw. He is author of four books and numerous articles on the archaeology and iconography of Pre-Columbian Andean cultures.