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Published Jan 2021

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Paperback: 9781789698732

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Heritage; Fascism; Post-War; Material Culture; Germany; Italy; Iran

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Ex Novo: Journal of Archaeology 5

Heritage in the Making: Dealing with the Legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

Edited by Flaminia Bartolini


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The fifth volume of Ex Novo present selected papers from a workshop held at the University of Cambridge in December 2018. Papers contribute much to the debate on the shifting conditions of the reception of dictatorial regimes, and more specifically the fate of fascist material legacies from the aftermath of WWII to the present day.



Foreword – Ex Novo EDITORIAL BOARD ;

PART I: Heritage in the Making. Dealing with the Legacies of Fascist Italy and Nazi GermanyFlaminia BARTOLINI (ed.) ;
Introduction. Difficult Heritage and its Making – Flaminia BARTOLINI ;
Collecting Mussolini: The Case of the Susmel–Bargellini Collection – Susanna ARANGIO ;
Fascism on Display. The Afterlife of Material Legacies of the Dictatorship – Flaminia BARTOLINI ;
Edmondo Rossoni and Tresigallo. An Atypical Case of Regime’s Town – Davide BRUGNATTI & Giuseppe MURONI ;
Difficult Heritage: The Experience of the Fossoli Camp Foundation – Marzia LUPPI & Francesca SCHINTU ;
The Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg. A Difficult Heritage and a Public Space – Alexander SCHMIDT ;
Berlin Tempelhof: From Heritage Site to Creative Industry Hub? – Dagmar ZADRAZILOVA ;

Legacy of Teispian and Achaemenian Materiality. The History and the Role of Monuments in 19th - 21st Century Iranian Nationalism – Aydin ABAR ;
Costruire storie e raccontare produzioni. Riflessioni a partire da un libro recente – Enrico GIANNICHEDDA ;

Interviews & Reviews ;
La complessitá del reale e la sua immagine. Conversazione con Daniele Simoni – Martina REVELLO LAMI