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Published Apr 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Britain; lithic; flint; typology; Late Upper Palaeolithic; Mesolithic; Neolithic

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Classification of Lithic Artefacts from the British Late Glacial and Holocene Periods

By Torben Bjarke Ballin

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This volume offers a system for the hierarchical classification of British lithic artefacts from the Late Glacial and Holocene periods, and it is hoped that it may find use as a guide book for, for example, archaeology students, museum staff, non-specialist archaeologists, local archaeology groups and lay enthusiasts.



Preface ;

Classification and characterisation of lithic artefacts ;
The background to and aims of the present volume ;
Chronology ;

Basic descriptive terminology ;
The main elements of flakes and blades ;
Main percussion techniques and technological attributes ;
Percussion angle ;
Reduction sequence ;
Type of retouch ;
Orientation of retouch ;
Morphology of retouch ;
Angle of retouch ;
Delineation of retouch ;

The typology of lithic debitage, cores and tools ;
Debitage ;
Core preparation flakes ;
Cores ;
Formal tools ;
Arrowheads ;
Tanged arrowheads ;
Curve-, angle-, and straight-backed points ;
Leaf-shaped arrowheads ;
Chisel-shaped and oblique arrowheads ;
Barbed-and-tanged arrowheads ;
Microliths and microlith-related pieces ;
Crescents ;
Scrapers ;
Piercing implements ;
Knives ;
Other bifacial cutting implements ;
Burins ;
Fire-making implements ;
Rods (LN and BA) ;
Polished-edge implements ;
Pieces with one or more notches ;
Combined tools ;
Pieces with other retouch ;
Flint axeheads ;
Tribrachs ;
Tools used to produce the lithic assemblages (see Inizan et al. 1992)


About the Author

After having worked as an archaeological specialist and Project Manager in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Norway, Torben Ballin relocated to Scotland in 1998. Since then, he has worked as an independent lithics specialist in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Ireland, representing the consultancy Lithic Research.