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Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Jan 2021



Paperback: 9781789698107

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Museology; Antiquaries; Museum Britannicum; Beazley Archive; State Hermitage Museum; Engraved gems

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Natter’s Museum Britannicum: British gem collections and collectors of the mid-eighteenth century

By John Boardman, Julia Kagan, Claudia Wagner

Contributions by Catherine Phillips


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This book presents the first comprehensive publication of Lorenz Natter’s (1705- 1763) Museum Britannicum, offering full discussion in English and presenting Natter’s drawings and comments alongside modern information on the ancient and later engraved gems that can be identified and located through fresh research.



Preface ;

PART 1 ;
I. An Anglo-Russian Project ;
II. Lorenz Natter. Early Career ;
III. Natter in Britain ;
IV. Natter in Russia ;
V. The Museum Britannicum Rediscovered ;
VI. Afterword ;

PART 2 ;
VII. The Museum Britannicum: the catalogue and drawings ;
VIII. The Collectors and their Gems ;
IX. Lorenz Natter’s own Collection ;
X. Natter’s own Index of the Museum Britannicum ;
XI. Natter’s Treatise and miscellaneous drawings ;

Index of gem subjects ;
Index of inscriptions ;
General Index to Part 1, and VIII

About the Author

Sir John Boardman, FBA, is Emeritus Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art in the University of Oxford. ;

Julia Kagan is the Curator of post-Classical engraved gems in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. ;

Claudia Wagner is Director of the gems databases at the Beazley Archive in the University of Oxford and Senior Research Lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.