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Published Dec 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789698053

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Wadi Bani Kharus; Oman; Survey; Cultural History; Water distribution; Sundials; Ancient Fortresses

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The Tangible and Intangible Cultural Landscape of Wadi Bani Kharus

Investigations in the Sultanate of Oman

By Moawiyah M. Ibrahim, Laura M. Strachan

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This survey aimed to gain greater understanding of the past and present of Wadi Bani Kharus (Oman) through its tangible and intangible cultural heritage. The book provides an eclectic overview of the wadi’s twenty-nine communities including ancient fortresses, water distribution systems, sundials, cemeteries, tombstones and period architecture.



Acknowledgments ;
Editorial Notes ;
Foreword ;
Preface ;
Introduction ;
1. Petroglyphs and Rock Inscriptions ;
2. Ancient Fortifications ;
3. Ancient Settlements ;
4. Ancient Cemeteries, Graves and Inscriptions ;
5. An Ancient Technology for Today’s Inhabitants ;
6. Yesterday and Today: Traditions, Customs and Adaptations ;
7. Lower-Wadi Settlements ;
8. Mid-Wadi Settlements ;
9. Upper-Wadi Settlements ;
10. Lessons for Moving Forward ;
Arabic Summary

About the Author

M.M. Ibrahim is Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, Yarmouk University, Jordan ;
L.M. Strachan is Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia