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H 234 x W 156 mm

248 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour

Published Nov 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789697605

Digital: 9781789697612

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Education; Resources; Ancient World; Archaeology; Teaching

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An Educator's Handbook for Teaching about the Ancient World

Edited by Pınar Durgun

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With the right methods, studying the ancient world can be as engaging as it is informative. The teaching activities in this book are designed in a cookbook format so that educators can replicate these teaching "recipes” (including materials, budget, preparation time, study level) in classes of ancient art, archaeology, social studies, and history.


About the Author

Pınar Durgun is an art historically-trained archaeologist with a background in anthropology, cultural heritage, and museums, passionate about outreach and education. She received her Ph.D. from Brown University and has been teaching for about a decade in universities, museums, and school classrooms about archaeology and the ancient world. As a dedicated public scholar and educator, Dr. Durgun hopes to make academic information about the ancient world accessible, fun, and inclusive.


An Educator’s Handbook for Teaching about the Ancient World is an exciting gift to ancient history teachers of all age groups (primary through post-secondary) looking for new ideas for hands-on, curiosity-sparking lessons.