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250 figures; 187 tables (97 pages of colour)

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Published Nov 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


Hardback: 9781789697391

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Bat; Oman; Bronze Age; Burial Pits; Umm an-Nar; Arabia; Personal adornment

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Arabia Orientalis: Studien zur Archäologie Ostarabiens 1

Die Bestattungsgruben in Bat

By Conrad Schmidt

Contributions by Stefan Giese, Christian Hübner, Steve Zäuner

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A comprehensive study of two Umm an-Nar (2700-2000 BC) burial pits from the UNESCO World Heritage site Bat in the Sultanate of Oman, excavated 2010-2012. Each burial pit represents one of the largest closed finds of the Early Bronze Age in the region, including beads and other items of personal adornment, as well as pottery and human bones.



Abbildungsverzeichnis ;
Tabellenverzeichnis ;
Tafelverzeichnis ;
Vorwort des Herausgebers der Reihe ;
Vorwort ;
Summary ;
1 Einleitung ;
2 Die Chronologie ;
3 Methodik ;
4 Der Kontext der Bestattungsgruben in Bat ;
5 Die Bestattungsgrube A-Inst. 0025 ;
6 Die Bestattungsgrube A-Inst. 0006 ;
7 Vergleich der Bestattungsgruben A-Inst. 0006 und A-Inst. 0025 ;
8 Die Datierung ;
9 Die Funktion der Bestattungsgruben A-Inst. 0006 und A-Inst. 0025 ;
10 Zusammenfassung ;
11 Der Fundekatalog ;
Bibliographie ;
1 Die Lippenformen ;
2 Die Bodenformen ;
3 Die Ansätze ;
4 Konkordanzliste Fundnummer – Katalognummer


'The technical quality of this book is great. It is well written, clearly illustrated, and contains a wealth of information in a highly structured manner. The book was also published only a few years after the excavations were done. All in all this is an exemplary publication, that will be very useful for archaeologists working on the Bronze Age of southeastern Arabia.' – Dr. B.S. Düring (2023): Bibliotheca Orientalis no. LXXX 1/2