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Published Nov 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Zooarchaeology; Balkans; Late Neolithic; Bronze Age; Iron Age; Medieval; Animal Husbandry

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Animal Husbandry and Hunting in the Central and Western Balkans Through Time

Edited by Nemanja Marković, Jelena Bulatović

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This volume presents the results of new research on animal herding and hunting in the central and western Balkans during the prehistoric and historic periods. The investigations cover a wide range of topics related to animal exploitation strategies, ranging from broad syntheses to specific case studies.



Foreword – Nemanja Marković and Jelena Bulatović ;
Eating well on Adriatic palaeoshore – marine and terrestrial molluscs as evidence of Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene cuisine in Vlakno Cave, Dugi Otok, Croatia – Antonela Barbir, Nikola Vukosavljević and Dario Vujević ;
Bone technology from the Early Neolithic site of Bataševo (Serbia) – Selena Vitezović, Nemanja Marković and Velibor Katić ;
Herding and hunting at Vinča – Belo Brdo and Stubline during the Late Neolithic, a stable isotopic perspective – Rosalind E. Gillis, Jelena Bulatović, Kristina Penezić, Miloš Spasić, Nenad N. Tasić and Cheryl A. Makarewicz ;
Fishing techniques in the Late Neolithic Vinča culture: fish hooks from the site of Vinča – Belo Brdo – Selena Vitezović ;
Storage practice and problems with pests in the Late Neolithic: two examples from the central Balkans – Đurđa Obradović ;
Images of half-persons, hybrids and surreal creatures in the Late Neolithic Vinča culture – Miloš Spasić ;
Animals in the Early Bronze Age funerary practice at Mokrin and Ostojićevo cemeteries, Serbia – Tamara Blagojević ;
New data from the old records: zooarchaeological remains from Late Bronze and Early Iron Age sites in northern Bosnia – Jelena Bulatović and Aleksandar Jašarević ;
Zooarchaeological research of the Late La Tène period in Serbia: an overview of the data – Teodora Radišić ;
Animal husbandry and hunting in Roman provinces in Serbia: a zooarchaeological overview – Sonja Vuković ;
The potential for horse breeding in the vicinity of Viminacium – Dimitrije Marković and Ilija Danković ;
Fish consumption and trade in Early Byzantine Caričin Grad (Justiniana Prima) – Henriette Baron and Nemanja Marković ;
Animal exploitation in the territory of present-day Serbia during the Medieval period: a zooarchaeological perspective – Teodora Mladenović and Mladen Mladenović

About the Author

Nemanja Marković is a research associate at the Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade (Serbia), specialising in zooarchaeology. The focus of his research is the reconstruction of past human-animal relationships, mainly in the field of animal economy, strategies in animal husbandry and palaeopathology. ;

Jelena Bulatović is a research associate at the Laboratory for Bioarchaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (Serbia). Her research interests focus on zooarchaeology, studying human-animal interrelationships in the central and western Balkans from the Early Neolithic to the Late Iron Age.