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Published Jan 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Sweden; Early Modern; Architecture; Urbanism; Vernacular Buildings; Wooden Buildings

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Vernacular Buildings and Urban Social Practice: Wood and People in Early Modern Swedish Society

By Andrine Nilsen

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Wooden buildings housed the majority of Swedish urban populations during the early modern era, but many of these buildings have disappeared as the result of fire, demolition, and modernisation. This book reveals the fundamental role played by the wooden house in the formation of urban Sweden and Swedish history.



Introduction ;
Chapter 1 The scale of the city: the social dimension of space in theory and method ;
Chapter 2 Wooden buildings and the demolition frenzy – the bankruptcy of the Swedish building culture ;
Chapter 3 Understanding wooden buildings – a background to Scandinavian research ;
Chapter 4 Considering the omnipresence of wood – an exposé of wood materiality ;
Chapter 5 Urban vernacular wood constructions – three modes of building ;
Five Swedish early modern towns – a background of local urban history and archaeological investigations ;
On the comforts of log timber buildings – keeping warm and movable ;
The prevalence of timber-framing ;
Elusive traces of urban post and plank construction ;
Chapter 6 Urban townscapes ;
Storeyed houses and crowded streets in urban townscapes ;
Life on the margins – buildings and living environments in the urban centre and periphery ;
Chapter 7 Contextualizing urban vernacular architecture – distinguishing the actual and the ideal ;
Chapter 8 Wood, people and society: the case studies combined ;
Chapter 9 General conclusions and summary ;
Appendix 1. The collection of finds in wood from Nya Lödöse 2013 ;
Appendix 2. Material wood remains in the moat, Nya Lödöse 2015 ;
Appendix 3a. A+B List of archaeological remains of log timber buildings ;
Appendix 3b. Archaeological evidence of log timber technique ;
Appendix 4a. A+B List of preserved buildings in log timber, Vita Bergen ;
Appendix 4b. Preserved buildings in Vita Bergen, Stockholm ;
Appendix 5. Timber-framing in Archaeological reports ;
Appendix 6. Timber-framing in historical records ;
Appendix 7. Timber-framing in photos ;
Appendix 9. Post and plank in Archaeological reports ;
Appendix 8. Post and plank in Fire Insurance Records ;
Appendix 10. Preserved post and plank buildings ;
Appendix 11. Fire insurance records, Majorna 1795, residential buildings ;
Appendix 12. Fire insurance records, Gothenburg 1800-1804, residential buildings ;
Archives, sources and bibliography

About the Author

Andrine Nilsen has historical urban buildings archaeology as a special interest and undertook her doctoral studies at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg. Before this she worked in the project The early modern town - between the local and the global publishing on the subject of medieval wooden houses and early modern town plans.