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Published Oct 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789696769

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Journal of Greek Archaeology 2

Journal of Greek Archaeology Volume 2 2017

Edited by John Bintliff


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Volume Two maintains the journal's mission to publish across the whole time range of Greek Archaeology, with articles from the Palaeolithic to the Early Modern era, as well as reaching out from the Aegean to the wider Greek world. Lithics and Ceramics are accompanied by innovative Art History and Industrial Archaeology.



Editorial: Volume 1 (John Bintliff) ;
Prehistory and Proto-History ;
New insights into the Upper Pleistocene archaeology of Northwestern Greece: The evidence from three open-air sites and its implication for Middle and Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherers’ activity and behaviour in Southeastern Europe (S. Ligkovanlis) ;
Preserving memory in Minoan CreteFilled-in bench and platform deposits from the First Palace of Phaistos (Ilaria Calo) ;
Cattle in ritual practice and iconography in Bronze Age Cyprus (Jennifer M. Webb) ;
Variation on a theme: Mycenaean early civilisation in a comparative perspective (Marcus Bajema) ;
Mercenaries or refugees? the evidence from the inscriptions of Merenptah on the ‘Sea Peoples’ (Konstantinos Kopanias) ;
Archaic to Classical ;
A Greek battleground in southern Italy: new light on the ancient Sagra (Paolo Visonà and James R. Jansson) ;
Cutting down the tallest ears of grain: archaeological evidence for tyranny and sumptuary law in ‘wealthy’ Corinth (Angela Ziskowski) ;
Where the children are: an insight into ‘age markers’ in western Greece. Astragali from the burial area of Locri Epizefiri (Barbara Carè) ;
Results of the field surveys at Teos and environs (2007–2009): revealing the Archaic landscape (Elif Koparal and Numan Tuna) ;
Manliness, violation, and laughter: rereading the space and context of the Eurymedon vase (Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones) ;
Hellenistic ;
Macedonian lionesses: Herakles and lion jewelry in elite female dress (c. 325–275 BCE) (Alexis Q. Castor) ;
Revisiting the ‘Slipper Slapper’ and other sculpture dedications in the clubhouse of the Poseidoniasts of Beirut (S. Rebecca Martin) ;
Roman to Late Roman ;
Public baths in Roman Dion (Colonia Iulia Augusta Diensis) (Anastasios Oulkeroglou) ;
Post-Medieval to Modern ;
Integrating Local History and Landscape Archaeology: two case studies from western Greece (Helene Simoni and Kostas Papagiannopoulos) ;
The Karavas Water Project: an archaeological and environmental study of interaction and community in northern Kythera (Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory and Timothy E. Gregory) ;
Multiperiod ;
Ancient magic artefacts and people: interpreting symbols, tracking personal experiences in Greek archaeological museums (Marlen Mouliou) ;