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Published Apr 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789696257

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DOI 10.32028/9781789696257

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Middle Helladic Period; The Argolid; Lerna; Asine; Argos; Burials; Kinship; Age; Mortuary differentiation

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Mortuary differentiation and social structure in the Middle Helladic Argolid, 2000-1500 B.C.

By Eleni Milka

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In this volume the archaeological, anthropological and radiocarbon data from selected sites of the Middle Helladic period are integrated to determine if there was variation between individual burials, groupings and cemeteries and to reconstruct change through time. This work was done for selective Argive sites, namely Lerna, Asine and Aspis.



Preface ;

Introduction ;

Chapter 1: Lerna-Myloi ;
Lerna: Introduction ;
Lerna: The cemetery ;
Lerna: Grave analysis ;
Lerna: The finds ;
Myloi: Introduction ;
Myloi: The cemetery ;
Myloi: Grave analysis ;
Myloi: The finds ;
Lerna and Myloi: Concluding discussion ;

Chapter 2: Asine ;
Asine: Introduction ;
Kastraki: The cemetery ;
Kastraki: Grave analysis ;
Kastraki: The finds ;
Kastraki: Concluding discussion ;
East cemetery (Tumulus IQ): The cemetery ;
East cemetery: Grave analysis ;
East cemetery: Concluding discussion ;
Barbouna: The cemetery ;
Barbouna: Grave analysis ;
Barboyna: The finds ;
Barbouna: Concluding discussion ;
Change through time 259 ;
Asine: Inter-cemetery analysis ;

Chapter 3: The Aspis in Argos ;
The Aspis: Introduction ;
The Aspis: The cemetery ;
The Aspis: Grave analysis ;
The Aspis: The finds ;
The Aspis: Concluding discussion ;

Chapter 4: Summary and conclusions ;
Lerna and Myloi: Summary ;
Asine: Summary ;
The Aspis in Argos: Summary ;
Conclusions ;

Appendix I: Lerna V: Stray human bones found among the animal bone samples ;

Appendix II: Lerna: Arm position of contracted skeletons ;

Appendix III: Lerna: Body orientation ;

Appendix IV: Lerna: Composition of the grave finds assemblage ;

Appendix V: Lerna: Non-pottery finds correlations ;

Appendix VI: List of graves ;


About the Author

Eleni Milka obtained her PhD on mortuary differentiation in the Argolid as part of the project ‘Shifting Identities. Social Change and Cultural Interaction in the Middle Helladic Argolid, 2000-1500 BC’ (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and the University of Groningen). Her M.Phil. Dissertation was on ‘Burial Practices in Neolithic Greece’ (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Archaeology), and she has also trained in human osteology and paleopathology (Democritus University of Thrace, Department of History and Ethnology). She has participated in many excavation projects, including the Barnavos-Nemea Valley Archaeological Project and the Ayia Sotira-Nemea Mycenaean Chamber Tomb Cemetery Project (Bryn Mawr College) and the Paliambela, Pieria Excavations Project (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Sheffield). For many years she has worked in rescue excavations in the Southern Argolid (EFAAR). Her research interests include Aegean Prehistory, Mortuary Archaeology and Bioarchaeology.