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Published Jun 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789696172

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Computational Archaeology; Statistics; 3D reconstructions; Private Dwellings; Roman Architecture

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Fores et Fenestrae: A Computational Study of Doors and Windows in Roman Domestic Space

By Lucia Michielin

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The role doors and windows play in shaping the life and structure of Roman private dwellings has been underestimated; they are structures that connect not only rooms but houses to the outside world, and they relate to privacy, security, and light in domestic spaces. This volume analyses these structures as an essential part of daily life.



Preface ;

Part A: Background and Approaches ;
Introduction ;
Literature Review ;
Methodology ;

Part B: Sources ;
Literary and Epigraphic Sources ;
1 Doors ;
2 Windows ;
3 Words for elements of doors and windows ;
4 Doors and windows in Roman law ;
Visual Sources ;
1 Doors ;
2 Windows ;
Archaeological Material ;
1 Lintels and doorjambs ;
2 Door-leaves ;
3 Shutters ;
4 Curtains ;
5 Glazed doors and windows ;
6 Other translucent media windows ;
7 Grills ;
8 Locking systems: bars, deadbolt, locks, and keys ;
9 Hinges ;

Part C: Data Mining ;
Patterns in Doors and Windows ;
1 General patterns of doorways and windows ;
2 Doors and Doorways ;
3 Windows ;
4 Thresholds and Sills ;
Openings, Views, and Natural Light in the Roman House ;
1 Different types of barriers and partitions ;
2 Different types of rooms ;
3 Different types of houses ;

Final Considerations ;
Bibliography ;

Appendix 1: DAWD - The Doors and Windows Database ;
Appendix 2: Renders ;
Appendix 3: Written Sources

About the Author

Lucia Michielin holds an MSc in Geotechnologies for Archaeology (Università degli Studi di Siena) and an MA in Classical Archaeology (Università degli Studi di Padova). In 2019 she obtained a PhD at Edinburgh University. She has previously worked in commercial archaeology and has been involved in many surveys and cultural heritage projects in Italy and Croatia, in cooperation with UK, US, and Italian universities and research centres. She currently holds the post of Digital Skills Training Manager at Edinburgh University.