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H 276 x W 203 mm

124 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Dec 2020

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789695854

Digital: 9781789695861

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Quaternary; Palaeoanthropology; Primatology; Evolutionary Anthropology; Evolutionary Genetics

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Conversations in Human Evolution: Volume 1

Edited by Lucy Timbrell

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This volume explores the breadth and interdisciplinarity of human evolution studies, presenting 20 interviews with scholars covering the broad scientific themes of quaternary and archaeological science, Palaeolithic archaeology, biological anthropology and palaeoanthropology, primatology and evolutionary anthropology and evolutionary genetics.



Conversations in Human Evolution – Lucy Timbrell ;

Part 1: Quaternary and Archaeological Science ;
Enrico Crema ;
Felix Riede ;
Ben Marwick ;
Chris Hunt ;
Andy Herries ;

Part 2: Palaeolithic Archaeology ;
Shanti Pappu ;
Michael Petraglia ;
Shi-Xia Yang ;
John Gowlett ;
Eleanor Scerri ;
Rob Davies ;

Part 3: Biological Anthropology and Palaeoanthropology ;
Emma Pomeroy ;
Chris Stringer ;
Katerina Harvati ;
Bernard Wood ;

Part 4: Primatology and Evolutionary Anthropology ;
Susana Carvalho ;
Isabelle Winder ;
Fiona Jordan ;

Part 5: Evolutionary Genetics ;
Eske Willerslev ;
Pontus Skoglund

About the Author

Lucy Timbrell is an AHRC-funded PhD researcher in the Archaeology of Human Origins Research Group at the University of Liverpool. Broadly, she is interested in the evolution of modern human diversity, with her doctoral research focussing on quantifying the population structure of early Homo sapiens in Late-Middle Pleistocene Africa. Alongside her PhD research, she organises the widely-known University of Liverpool Evolutionary Anthropology seminar series.