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Published Oct 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Epigraphy; Lydia; Phrygia; Ritual purity; Religious transgressions; Morality

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Human Transgression – Divine Retribution: A Study of Religious Transgressions and Punishments in Greek Cultic Regulation and Lydian-Phrygian Propitiatory Inscriptions (‘Confession Inscriptions’)

By Aslak Rostad

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This book analyses pagan concepts of religious transgressions as expressed in Greek cultic regulations from the 5th century BC-3rd century AD. Also considered are so-called propitiatory inscriptions from the 1st-3rd century AD Lydia and Phrygia, in light of ‘cultic morality’, intended to make places, occasions, and worshippers suitable for ritual.



Foreword ;

Part 1. Introduction and Aims of the Study ;
Chapter 1. Introduction ;
Chapter 2. Aims of the study ;

Part 2. The Propitiatory Inscriptions ;
Chapter 3. The Propitiatory Inscriptions and their Religious Context ;
Chapter 4. Earlier Research on the Propitiatory Inscriptions ;

Part 3. Religious Transgressions and Punishments ;
Chapter 5. Greek Cultic Morality ;
Chapter 6. Prohibitions and Punishments in Greek Cultic Regulations ;
Chapter 7. Transgressions in the Propitiatory Inscriptions ;

Part 4. Conclusions ;
Chapter 8. Conclusions ;
Part 5. Appendices, Bibliography and Index Of Citation ;

Appendix A: Cultic Regulations ;
Appendix B: Propitiatory Inscriptions ;
Bibliography ;
Index of Citations

About the Author

Aslak Rostad (born 1972) holds a PhD in Ancient Greek and is Associate Professor of Classics at Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), Trondheim.