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Published Feb 2020

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Paperback: 9781789694864

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Ex Novo: Journal of Archaeology 4

Heritage Management: The Natural and Cultural Divide

Edited by Heleen Van Londen, Marjo Schlaman, Andrea Travaglia


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This timely collection of peer-reviewed papers and short essays, based on papers presented in two sessions at the EAA annual meeting in Maastricht 2017, seeks to bridge the longstanding gap between natural and cultural heritage when it comes to landscape management.



Foreword – Editorial Board ;
Heritage management. The natural and cultural divide – Heleen van LONDEN, Marjo J. SCHLAMAN & Arkardiusz MARCINIAK ;
Towards new commons and sharing interests in the landscape, integrating natural and cultural heritage – Bas PEDROLI ;
Impact of the CAP on archaeological heritage. Cause and remedy? – Karl CORDEMANS, Emmet BYRNES, Cees van ROOIJEN ;
Connecting the dots: Integrating cultural and natural resource management in the United States – Michael HEILEN & Jeffrey H. ALTSCHUL ;
Landscape of visions: the Ekolsund manorial estate, Sweden – Åsa AHRLAND ;
Heritage - public and expert discourse in the process of heritigization – Kornelia KAJDA ;
Participatory practices in natural and cultural heritage – Andrea TRAVAGLIA ;
Towards a joint natural and cultural heritage management: modes of interaction – Heleen van LONDEN ;
Connecting natural and cultural heritage practices. Is integration always a good idea? – Marjo J. SCHLAMAN ;
The culture and nature assets. The current crossovers and the agenda for the future – Arkadiusz MARCINIAK