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112 figures, 41 tables (colour throughout)

Published Apr 2023

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789694802

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Wetland Archaeology; Community Archaeology; Indigenous Research Participation; Australian Archaeology; Landscape Archaeology; Education; Heritage

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Community Archaeology: Working Ancient Aboriginal Wetlands in Eastern Australia

Edited by Wendy Beck, Catherine Clarke, Robert Haworth

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This volume presents the results of an investigation of wetland heritage in eastern Australia, with important contributions to the archaeology of the Tasmanian Midlands and the New England Tablelands.



Introduction – Wendy Beck and Robert Haworth ;

Chapter 1: Indigenous Participation and Aboriginal Education – Wendy Beck, Catherine Clarke, Judith Burns, Anne McConnell and Lagoons Aboriginal Reference Group ;

Chapter 2: Connections—Aboriginal Participants’ Reflections: A Photo Essay – Compiled and photographed by Catherine Clarke and Wendy Beck ;

Chapter 3: Fieldwork, Sampling and Study Areas – Wendy Beck and Robert Haworth ;

Chapter 4: Dating and Chronology – Elspeth Hayes, Richard Fullagar, Wendy Beck and Kevin Kiernan ;

Chapter 5: Formation and development of upland lake-lunette systems in northern New South Wales, Australia, and their relation to climate, ecological change and human occupation – Robert Haworth, Kevin Kiernan, Anne McConnell ;

Chapter 6: A Review of the Archaeological Record of Surface Sites, New England Bioregion – John Appleton and Wendy Beck ;

Chapter 7: Lagoon Excavations: New England Tableland Bioregion – John Appleton and Wendy Beck ;

Chapter 8: Silcrete Grinding Grooves in New England, NSW – Richard Fullagar, Elspeth Hayes, Nancy Vickery, John Appleton and Wendy Beck ;

Chapter 9: Contrasting Lake Formation and Late-Glacial Aeolian Activity Between the Tasmanian Central Plateau and Adjacent Midlands Graben – Kevin Kiernan, Anne McConnell, Robert Haworth, Richard Fullagar and Elspeth Hayes ;

Chapter 10: The Archaeology of Lagoons of the Tasmanian Midlands and Eastern Central Plateau and Its Role in Re-Interpreting Past Tasmanian Aboriginal Landscape Use and Meaning – Anne McConnell, Andry Sculthorpe and Kevin Kiernan ;

Chapter 11: The Tasmanian and New England Research in a Global Setting – Wendy Beck and Robert Haworth ;

Appendix A: Analyst Report for Radiocarbon Dating ;
Appendix B: Luminescence Dating of Sediments from Wetland Sites in New England, New South Wales, and Tasmania, Australia ;
Appendix C: Luminescence Dating of Sediments from New England and Tasmanian Wetland Sites ;
Appendix D: New England Tablelands Sediment Profile Descriptions ;
Appendix E: Mapping and Characterisation of Silcrete and Axe Grinding Grooves in the New England Region, NSW

About the Author

Wendy Beck is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New England. Her research interests include palaeoethnobotany, place studies in archaeology and teaching and learning in higher education. Wendy has a longstanding interest in transdisciplinary and community-based research.

Catherine Clarke is a past academic staff member and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of New England. Her research pursuits included significance assessment in cultural heritage and her PhD thesis focussed on cultural heritage narratives and their role in archaeological education.

Robert Haworth is an Adjunct Academic in Geography and Planning at the University of New England, with interests in environmental history and geomorphology and in research projects piecing together the record of past environments.