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Published Dec 2019

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Iron Age Slaving and Enslavement in Northwest Europe

By Karim Mata

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Can slaving and enslavement be seen as a significant transformative phenomena in Iron Age Europe and, if so, how would this affect the interpretation of (old and new) archaeological evidence? This exploratory study of the dynamics of Iron Age slaving and enslaving in Northwest Europe contributes to a complex but neglected topic.



Introduction ;
The Evidence from Iron Age Hillforts ;
Historicizing Regional Dynamics ;
Exploring Dimensions of Slaving and Enslavement ;
Conclusion ;

About the Author

Karim Mata is a scholar-in-residence at the University of Virginia. He attended the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (MA) and the University of Chicago (MA, PhD), where he studied the history, archaeology, and anthropology of Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean world. He has developed an interdisciplinary interest for theorizing cultural entanglement, social transformation, motivational worldviews, and ideological discourse. This has shaped his doctoral research on the archaeology of values and social transformation in Iron Age and Roman-period Northwest Europe, as well as subsequent research on transcultural discourse, slavery, and cultural theory.