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228 figures (161 colour pages)

Published Jan 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789693874

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The Role of Anglo-Saxon Great Hall Complexes in Kingdom Formation, in Comparison and in Context AD 500-750

By Adam McBride

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This book explores the role of great hall complexes in kingdom formation through an expansive and ambitious study, incorporating new fieldwork, new quantitative methodologies and new theoretical models for the emergence of high-status settlements and the formation and consolidation of supra-regional socio-political units.



List of Figures ; 
Preface and Acknowledgements ; 

Chapter 1: Introduction ; 

Part I: Great Hall Complexes in Comparison
Chapter 2: The Characteristics and Functions of Great Hall Complexes ; 
Chapter 3: The Emergence, Development and Obsolescence of Great Hall Complexes ; 

Part II: Great Hall Complexes in Context
Power and Place in the Upper Thames Valley ; 
Chapter 4: Burial Methodology ; 
Chapter 5: Power in Burial ; 
Chapter 6: Settlement Methodology ; 
Chapter 7: Power in Settlement ; 
Chapter 8: Great Hall Complexes in Context ; 

Appendix 1: The Cemeteries ; 
Appendix 2: The Burials Methodology ; 
Appendix 3: The Settlements (including cropmark sites) ; 

Bibliography ; 
Primary Sources ; 
Secondary Sources

About the Author

Adam McBride completed his DPhil in archaeology at the University of Oxford in 2019. During his doctoral studies, Adam collaborated with Helena Hamerow and Jane Harrison on the excavation of a high-status early medieval complex at Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire, UK. Adam previously worked in CRM/commercial archaeology in the Southeast United States, after completing an MPhil at the University of Cambridge.