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Published Jul 2020

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Mycenaean; Acropolis; Ephyra; Epirus; Greece; Bronze Age; Excavations; burial; pottery

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Ephyra-Epirus: The Mycenaean Acropolis

Results of the Excavations 1975-1986 and 2007-2008

By Thanasis I. Papadopoulos, Evangelia Papadopoulou

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This volume presents the results of the 1975-1986 and 2007-2008 excavations on the prehistoric-Mycenaean acropolis of Ephyra, one of the most important Bronze Age sites of Epirus. Ephyra is a small coastal fortified site in the region of the lower Acheron valley, and it has produced impressive and, in some cases, unique Bronze Age remains.



Preface and acknowledgements ;
Introduction ;

Topography, Geomorphology, Climate and the history of previous research. ;

1: Environment, myth, literary evidence and history of the excavation ;
2: Description of the acropolis and architectural remains ;
3: Tombs and burial customs in Epirus ;
4: The Prehistoric cemetery of tumuli at Ephyra ;
5: Pottery: ;
The prehistoric pottery of Epirus. Fabric and technique, Typology ;
The prehistoric pottery of Ephyra. Fabric and technique. Typology ;
6: Indicative catalogue of prehistoric pottery and artefacts of Ephyra: ;
Pottery ;
Artefacts ;
7: Classical and Hellenistic pottery ;
8: Conclusions ;
9: Selected Bibliography ;

About the Author

Thanasis J. Papadopoulos obtained his PhD in Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology at Bedford College, University of London in 1972. He has worked at the University of Ioannina, the University of Crete and Ionian University as epimeletes, lecturer, associate professor, visiting professor and full professor, teaching Aegean Prehistoric, Cypriot, Egyptian and Neareastern Archaeology. ;

Evangelia Papadopoulou is an archaeologist with a PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology from the University of Ioannina, Greece. Since 1996, she has been an active member of excavations at Patras, S.Olynthus at Halkidiki, Dodoni, Ithaca and Jordan, overseeing archaeological research and educating students on excavation techniques.