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88 figures, 13 plates

Published Oct 2019

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


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Arab Settlements; Nabatean; Umayyad; Abbasid; Aerial Photography

Arab Settlements: Tribal structures and spatial organizations in the Middle East between Hellenistic and Early Islamic periods

By Nicolò Pini

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How can the built environment help in the understanding of social and economic changes involving ancient local communities? Arab Settlements aims to shed light on the degree to which economic and political changes affected social and identity patterns in the regional context from the Nabatean through to the Umayyad and Abbasid periods.



Preface ;
Part 1: Methodology and Theory ;
Chapter 1: Introduction ;
Chapter 2: Anthropological background and terminology ;
Chapter 3: Typology ;
Part 2: Comparative Analysis ;
Chapter 4: The case studies ;
Chapter 5: Regionalism and Transregional patterns ;
Chapter 6: The “test” case-studies - The Central Jordanian Plateau ;
Part 3: Archaeological data in the bigger picture ;
Chapter 7: The regional historical context ;
Chapter 8: Arab settlements or settlements of the “Arabs”? ;
References ;

About the Author

Nicolò Pini PhD (Cologne, 2017) is external Research associate with the Islamic Archaeology Unit at the University of Bonn and collaborates on several projects in the Near East (among which Tall Hisban in Jordan and Khirbet beit Mazmil near Jerusalem).