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Published Oct 2019

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Roman archaeology; Roman pottery; Malta; Gozo; Mediterranean; Ancient economy; fabric; amphorae; fine wares; coarse wares; cooking wares

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Malta Archaeological Review Supplement Series 1

Pottery from Roman Malta

By Maxine Anastasi

Contributions by David Cardona, Nathaniel Cutajar

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A comprehensive study of Maltese pottery forms from key stratified deposits spanning the 1st century BC to mid-4th century AD. Ceramic material is analysed and quantified in a bid to understand Maltese pottery production during the Roman period, and trace the type and volume of ceramic-borne goods that were circulating the central Mediterranean.




Past ceramic research

Methodology and method

The sites and their assemblages
Bulebel, Malta (compiled together with N. Cutajar)
Foreman Street, Rabat, Gozo (compiled together with N. Cutajar)
Melita Esplanade excavations, Rabat, Malta (compiled together with D. Cardona)

Local Maltese potteries

Chronology and a discussion of the import trends

General conclusion

Local Maltese fabrics

Catalogue of pottery

Catalogue entry concordance

Pottery quantification

About the Author

Maxine Anastasi is a Lecturer at the Department of Classics and Archaeology, University of Malta. She was awarded a D.Phil. in Archaeology from the University of Oxford for her thesis on small-island economies in the Central Mediterranean. Her research primarily focuses on Roman pottery in the central Mediterranean, with a particular emphasis on Maltese assemblages.