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Published Aug 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789693003

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Medieval Villages; Rural Communities; Landscape Archaeology; Inhabited Villages; United Kingdom; Spain; France; Netherlands; Scandinavia; Middle Ages; Medieval Archaeology

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The Archaeology of Medieval Villages Currently Inhabited in Europe

Edited by Jesús Fernández Fernández, Margarita Fernández Mier

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Archaeological interventions in European rural settlements have largely focussed on villages abandoned during the last millennium. Most hamlets and villages of medieval origin remain inhabited, however, and excavations have been scarce. This book details excavations of inhabited sites in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Scandinavia and Spain.



Preface – by Margarita Fernández Mier, Jesús Fernández Fernández

Introduction – by Margarita Fernández Mier, Jesús Fernández Fernández

Test pit excavation as a method for reconstructing the development of currently-occupied rural settlements: Evidence from England – by Carenza Lewis

Village Archaeology in France. A twenty-five year retrospective – by Edith Peytremann

Investigating medieval village formation in the Netherlands – by J.P.W. Verspay, H. Renes, B. Groenewoudt, J. van Doesburg

Is this a village? Approaching nucleated settlements in Scandinavian contexts – by Ingvild Øye

The Archaeology of Currently Inhabited Villages in Spain: The Case of Asturias – by Margarita Fernández Mier, Jesús Fernández Fernández

Conclusion – by Chris Wickham

About the Author

Jesús Fernández Fernández’s lines of research and interests focus on Medieval Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Heritage studies. Currently he is teaching and researching at Oviedo University within the programme Marie-Curie COFUND.

Margarita Fernández Mier is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Oviedo (Spain). Her principal interest is the study of early medieval societies in the north-western Iberian Peninsula, as well as the settlement analysis and the organisation of agrarian landscapes research.