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Published Jun 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Al-Hajar Mountains; Oman; Rock art; Cave paintings; Figures; chronology; interpretation

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The Archaeological Heritage of Oman 4

Messages from the Past: Rock Art of Al-Hajar Mountains

By Angelo E. Fossati

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Angelo E. Fossati takes the reader on an in-depth journey into the various themes present in the rock art of Oman, offering theories on the chronology and interpretation, while exploring the landscape setting of the decorated panels. Highly illustrated throughout, beautiful photographs and scientific tracings of the rock art accompany the text.



Foreword by Sultan Saif Al-Bakri, Director General of Archaeology (Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Sultanate of Oman)


1 History of Research and Studies

2 Geology and Nature. Distribution of Rock Art

3 Techniques of Realization and Methods of Study

4 Themes in Omani Rock Art: Animals

5 Themes in Omani Rock Art: Humans

6 Themes in Omani Rock Art: Artifacts, Abstracts and Inscriptions

7 Chronology of the Omani Rock Art

8 Interpretation of the Omani Rock Art

9 Where and How to see Rock Art in Oman


About the Author

Angelo E. Fossati is an Italian archaeologist specialising in rock art studies. He teaches Prehistory and Protohistory at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan (Italy) and researches mainly on Alpine megalithism and pre-Roman inscriptions.