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Published Jul 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Urals; Eneolithic; chambered megaliths; menhirs; ancient settlements; flint industry; ceramic complex; social structures; archaeoastronomy; religion; Chalcolithic

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The Megaliths of Vera Island in the Southern Urals

By Stanislav Grigoriev, Yulia Vasina

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The largest and brightest megalithic complex in Russia’s Ural Mountains is located on Vera Island, represented by three chambered megaliths and sanctuaries of the Eneolithic period (mid-4th - 3rd millennium BC). The oldest samples of stone sculpture in the Urals have been revealed within this complex.



Chapter 1. Vera Island and Localisation of Objects and Constructions
Chapter 2. Megaliths
Chapter 3. Excavations of Settlements
Chapter 4. Origins of Megaliths
Chapter 5. Chronology of Megaliths in the Urals
Chapter 6. Archaeoastronomy and Religion
Chapter 7. Problem of Social Organization in the Eneolithic Period
Appendix 1. Fauna from the settlements of Vera Island 7 and Vera Island

About the Author

Stanislav Grigoriev graduated from Chelyabinsk University in 1982. He began his scientific career at the same university, and since 1989 has been working at the Institute of History and Archaeology, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. He studied ancient metallurgy and the Bronze Age, and for many years participated in the excavations of such famous settlements as Sintashta and Arkaim. Since 2004, he has headed the research project of the megalithic complex on the Vera Island. His books Ancient Indo-Europeans, Metallurgical Production in Northern Eurasia in the Bronze Age and Holy Lalish are published in English.

Yulia Vasina graduated from Chelyabinsk Pedagogical University, Faculty of History. Since 2003, she has led archaeological expeditions studying archaeological sites in the Urals. She is a leading expert in archaeology of the Ural cities and is the author of 38 works on archaeology, the history of the Urals and cultural studies. In 2004-2007, she was one of the leaders of the archaeological team on Vera Island. Based on this research, the island obtained the status of an object of cultural heritage. In 2014-2015, she was the scientific leader of the project for the restoration of the megalithic monuments of Vera Island.