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Published Dec 2021

Archaeopress Archaeology


Hardback: 9781789692181

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A Quaint & Curious Volume: Essays in Honor of John J. Dobbins

Edited by Dylan K. Rogers, Claire J. Weiss

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Contributions in honour of John J. Dobbins, Professor of Roman Art and Archaeology at the University of Virginia, offers new readings of archaeological data and art, illustrating the impact that one professor can have on the wider field of Roman art and archaeology through the continuing work of his students.



Preface: J.J. Dobbins e il Foro di Pompei (Pier Giovanni Guzzo) ;

Introduction: John Dobbins as Archaeologist, Teacher, and Mentor (Dylan K. Rogers and Claire J. Weiss) ;

Masonry Analysis at Pompeii: The Maturation of a Stratigraphic Method (Eric Poehler) ;

Disentangling the via del Foro Colonnade at Pompeii (Claire J. Weiss) ;

Drain Outlets and the Pompeian Street: Evidence and Meaning (Janet S. Dunkelbarger) ;

Heating the Stabian Baths at Pompeii (Ismini Miliaresis) ;

Pistore Panem Petimus: Specialization in the Late-Roman Baking Industry (Jared Benton) ;

The Fralin Numismatic Collection: Ten Years Later (Ethan Gruber) ;

Dynamic Identity: Dynamis on the Ara Pacis Augustae (R. Benjamin Gorham) ;

The Mosaics of the House of the Boat of Psyches: Reexamining Identity in Antioch (Elizabeth M. Molacek and Dylan K. Rogers)

About the Author

Dylan K. Rogers, PhD (2015), University of Virginia, is Lecturer of Roman Art and Archaeology at UVa and previously served as the Assistant Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 2015-2019. He is the author of Water Culture in Roman Society (2018), and is the co-editor of the volumes, What’s New in Roman Greece? (2019) and The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Athens (2021). His research specialty is Roman fountains throughout the Roman Empire, investigating their impact on surrounding landscapes through the lens of sensory archaeology. He has also published on the topics of wall-painting in Pompeii, Roman mosaics, the siege of Athens by L. Cornelius Sulla in 86 BC, and archaeological archives. Rogers has worked on archaeological excavations in Pompeii, Sicily, Greece, and Turkey. ;

Claire J. Weiss, PhD (2018), University of Virginia, is a classical archaeologist whose research focuses on Roman urbanism, especially the sidewalks of ancient Roman cities and the relationship of these structures to urban social and economic organization. She has conducted archaeological field work and excavations in Pompeii since 2001, serving as the Assistant Director and Project Coordinator of the Via Consolare Project in Pompeii from 2006 to 2018, and now co-directing the Roman Colonial Urbanism Project.