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Published Jul 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789692167

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lighting devices; Late Antiquity; Middle Ages; Western Europe; Byzantium; glass lamps

Glass, Wax and Metal: Lighting Technologies in Late Antique, Byzantine and Medieval Times

Edited by Ioannis Motsianos, Karen S. Garnett

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This volume provides an extensive look at the technological development of lighting and lighting devices during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Western Europe and Byzantium. 29 papers are gathered from two International Lychnological Association (ILA) Round Tables held in Olten, Switzerland (2007) and Thessaloniki, Greece (2011).



Karen S. Garnett, Ioannis Motsianos - Light and Lighting in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Western Europe and Byzantium: An Introduction; Habil Laurent Chrzanovski - A Highly Important ‘Half-volume’ as Acta of two Pioneer Congresses: some Explanations; Arja Karivieri - Acknowledgments; Verena Perko with collaboration of Vesna Tratnik - An Overview of Late-Antique Oil-Lamps and Lighting Devices from Slovenia; Thomas Bitterli - A Light is on in the Hut. Light and Lighting Equipment in Medieval Everyday Life; Svetlana Avdusina - Medieval Lighting Devices from the Collection of the State Historical Museum of Russia; Catherine Vincent - Lumière et luminaires dans la vie religieuse en Occident au Moyen Âge; Arja Karivieri - Olaus Magnus the Goth on Fire, Light and Lighting Devices of the Northern People; Lena Berg Nilsson - Mines Illuminated – Reflections upon Lighting in Medieval Mining; Yvonne Seidel - Lighthouses in the Tabula Peutingeriana and their Importance in Late Antiquity; Ioannis Motsianos - Lighting Devices in Byzantium: Comparisons in Time and Space; Sofia Akrivopoulou, Periklis Slampeas, Paraskevi Leventeli - Lamps from the Excavation at 45 Basileus Heracleiou Street, Thessaloniki; Evangelia Angelkou, Maria Cheimonopoulou - Lighting Artifacts from the Episcopal Complex at Louloudies Pierias; Karen S. Garnett - Bottoms Up! Bases and Handles on Attic KY Shop Lamps from Corinth's Fountain of the Lamps; Arja Karivieri - Athenian Lamps in the Early Byzantine period– Export, Import and Imitation; Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom - Aspects of typology, chronology and iconography in the regional lamp production in the area of present-day Israel (4th - 7th centuries AD); Lambrini Koutoussaki - Argos and its Lamps from the late 4th to 7th Century AD; Anastassios Ch. Antonaras - A Three-handled, Calyx-shaped glass lamp from Thessaloniki and its Archaeological Context; Anastasia G. Yangaki - Some Remarks on a Category of Wheel-Made Lamps:A ‘Koinè’ in the 6th and the 7th Centuries AD?; Christopher S. Lightfoot - Lighting Devices found at Byzantine Amorium (Turkey); Stanislav Ryzhov, Tatyana Yashaeva - Church Lighting Devices in Byzantine Cherson; Mara Verykokou - Problems of Methodology in the Dating of Byzantine Polykandela: The Benaki Museum Examples; Paschalis Androudis, Ioannis Motsianos - Byzantine metal support fittings for a candlestick from the Monastery of Chilandar on Mount Athos; Mariela Inkova - Once again on the ‘Byzantine-Mediterranean Limoges’?; Georgios Velenis, Stavros Zachariadis - Considerations on the Function and Usage of Pottery Lamps Inspired by Finds from the Forum of Thessaloniki; Ioannis Motsianos - Difficulties and Preconditions for the Utilitization of Glass in Lighting in Byzantium; Naama Sukenik, Yotam Tepper - A Linen Wick from the Northern Church at Shivta, Israel; Ioannis Motsianos - Some thoughts about the use and the making of beeswax candles in Byzantium; Pelli Mastora - The Virtual Lighting of the Rotunda’s Mosaics; Dr Ioannis Iliades - Light and Lighting Devices in Wall Paintings of Byzantine Churches in Thessaloniki; Efterpi Marki - A beacon from the castle of Kitros, Pieria, Greece; Prof. Dr. Habil Laurent Chrzanovski - Lessons of Modernity from the Past: some Amazing Parallels drawn from Antique and Medieval Lychnological Economics

About the Author

IOANNIS MOTSIANOS was born in Thessaloniki and since 1995 has been working as an archaeologist at the Museum of Byzantine Culture. He has a degree in Archaeology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1990) and a PhD from the University of Thessaly (2011) with a thesis on the evolution of artificial lighting during the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. He has also undertaken a Postgraduate Interdisciplinary Course in Museology (Aristotle University, 2004). He is the author of many papers in scientific journals, and he organized the ‘Lighting in Byzantium’, 4th International ILA Round–Table (2011) in Thessaloniki as well as the exhibition ‘Light on Light: An Illuminating Story’ (2012). Since 2003, he has been an active member of the ‘International Lychnological Association’ and is now on the governing committee. | KAREN S. GARNETT received her BA from Ohio State University and MA from the University of Texas. Her archaeological research is focused on the Late Roman terracotta lamps from the Gymnasium and Fountain of the Lamps excavations in Corinth, Greece. In addition to her archaeological research, her various careers have included motherhood, artist, art historian, lecturer, CAD designer, software quality assurance manager and technical writer. Currently she is employed as the Senior Technical Writer for Vivante Corporation, a graphics IP company.