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Published May 2019

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Egyptology; Archaeology; Prague; Czech Institute of Egyptology; Symposium

Current Research in Egyptology

Current Research in Egyptology 2018

Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Symposium, Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 25–28 June 2018

Edited by Marie Peterková Hlouchová, Dana Belohoubková, Jirí Honzl, Vera Nováková

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Current Research in Egyptology 2018 is a collection of papers and posters presented at the nineteenth symposium of the prestigious international student conference, held at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague on 25th–28th June 2018.



List of paper presentations

List of poster presentations


1. The crew of the sun bark before the first appearance of the Amduat. A new perspective via the Pyramid and Coffin Texts – by Abdelhaleem Awadallah

2. ‘Hail you, Horus jm.j-Cn.wt’. First thoughts on papyrus Leiden I 347 – by Susanne Beck

3. Some thoughts on Nubians in Gebelein region during First Intermediate Period – by Wojciech Ejsmond

4. A few remarks on the persistence of native Egyptian historiolae in Coptic magical texts – by Krisztina Hevesi

5. Under the lion’s shadow. Iconographic evidence of Apedemak in the Meroitic Royal District at Napata – by Francesca Iannarilli, Silvia Callegher, Federica Pancin

6. Brief notes about regional elements of the pottery assemblage from the Byzantine site of Manqabad (Asyut) – by Ilaria Incordino

7. Development of purification scenes in the Graeco-Roman Period. Detecting distinct styles in temple decoration – by Konstantin Ivanov

8. Late dynastic reuse of Theban tombs – by Marta Kaczanowicz

9. The title ‘overseer of the house/estate, the Steward’ during the Old Kingdom – by Věra Nováková

10. A second unpublished version of the so-called Joseph Laporte’s notebook on the French Expedition in Egypt and Syria. Preliminary study and remarks – by Renaud Pietri

11. Being the son of a Goddess. The claim for legitimacy of the Bubastite kings – by Perrine Poiron

12. Time measuring and time units in the kiosk on the roof of the temple of Dendera – by Alexa Rickert

13. Deleterious outcomes of vernacular housing at el-Tarif cemetery – by Rasha Soliman

14. Illustrations of temple rank on 21st dynasty funerary papyri – by Marissa Stevens

15. Lapis lazuli in Sinai and indigenous black copper during the 18th Dynasty – by Kimberley Watt

16. Berenike of the Ptolemies. A Hellenistic desert city/fortress – by Marek Woźniak