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Published Jul 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


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history of archaeology; Aleksei Okladnikov; Soviet Union; Siberia; Central Asia; Palaeolithic; Neolithic; Bronze Age; Early Iron Age; rock art

Archaeological Lives

Aleksei P. Okladnikov: The Great Explorer of the Past. Volume I

A biography of a Soviet archaeologist (1900s - 1950s)

By Aleksander K. Konopatskii

Translated by Richard L. Bland, Yaroslav V. Kuzmin

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Aleksei P. Okladnikov (1908–1981), a prominent Russian archaeologist, spent more than 50 years studying prehistoric sites in various parts of the Soviet Union – in Siberia, Central Asia and Mongolia. This biography will appeal to archaeologists, historians, and anyone interested in the history of the humanities in the twentieth century.


About the Author

Aleksander K. Konopatskii graduated from Kemerovo State University in History (including archaeology). In the 1970s, he studied prehistoric sites on the shore of Lake Baikal in Siberia, and gained the Candidate of Sciences (PhD-equivalent) degree in 1979; in the 1980s and early 1990s, he excavated ancient sites in the lower course of the Amur River (Russian Far East). Since 1998, Konopatskii has been an Assistant Professor of the Novosibirsk General Military Academy where he teaches humanities.

Richard L. Bland studied Alaskan prehistory in the 1970s – 1990s (PhD 1996, University of Oregon). He has translated numerous books and articles on the archaeology of Northeastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, helping to bring the rich Soviet/Russian records of prehistory and early history to the international scholarly community.

Yaroslav V. Kuzmin has been studying geoarchaeology of the Russian Far East, Siberia and neighbouring Northeast Asia since 1979 (PhD 1991; DSc. 2007). He has also assisted in translating and editing books on the archaeology of eastern Russia.


'This biography of Okladnikov sheds light on both his adventurous life and Soviet archaeology in general, which is still little known in the West.' - Stephen Leach (2020): Antiquity