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Published Mar 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Mesopotamia; Iron Age; Archaeology; Glass; Glassware; Glass production

Glass and Glass Production in the Near East during the Iron Age

Evidence from objects, texts and chemical analysis

By Katharina Schmidt

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This book examines the history of glass in Iron Age Mesopotamia and neighbouring regions (1000–539 BCE). This is the first monograph to cover this region and period comprehensively and in detail and thus fills a significant gap in glass research.



1. Foreword and Acknowledgements

2. Glass and Glassy Materials: Definitions and Material Properties

3. Archaeological Contexts: Sites with Iron Age Glass Finds

4. The Glass Objects: Manufacturing Techniques, Typology, and Function

5. Discussion of the Archaeological Data

6. The Nineveh Glass Recipes

7. Archaeometrical Evidence

8. Conclusion

Index of Technical Terms




Appendix 1

Appendix 2: Chemical raw data of different sites discussed

About the Author

Katharina Schmidt obtained MA in Near Eastern Archaeology at Ludwig-Maximilians- Universität of Munich in 2012, with a dissertation on glazed Neo-Assyrian vessels from Upper Mesopotamia. In 2013 she started her PhD as a member of the Graduate School ‘Distant Worlds’ at the same university. As a visiting researcher, she studied at University College, London, and acquired additional knowledge in the use of chemical analyses – in particular with regard to glass. In 2016 she completed her PhD at Munich with a dissertation on glass and glassmaking in the Iron Age period. As an archaeologist she worked on excavations in Syria (Tell Halaf) and Turkey (Sirkeli Höyük, Dülük Baba Tepesi). Since 2016 she has been director of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Amman, Jordan, where she carries out various research and excavation projects, above all the excavations at Tall Zirā´a.


'Katharina Schmidt has written a much-needed volume on Iron Age glass from the Near East... this is a major contribution to the study of Iron Age glass that will be of great help to students of ancient technologies and glass for years to come.' - Julian Henderson (2019), Antiquity