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Published Jan 2019

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789691214

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Archaeology; Mobility; Human migration; Heritage; Identity

Ex Novo: Journal of Archaeology 3

Human Mobility in Archaeology: Practices, Representations and Meanings

Edited by Maja Gori, Martina Revello Lami, Alessandro Pintucci


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Papers address mobility to understand patterns of change and continuity in past worlds; reconsider the movement of people, objects, and ideas alongside mobile epistemologies; provide insights into the multifaceted relationship between mobile practices and their shared meanings and how they are represented socially and politically.



Editorial: Practices, Representations and Meanings of Human Mobility in Archaeology – by Maja GORI, Martina REVELLO LAMI & Alessandro PINTUCCI; Mobility during the Upper Palaeolithic Greece: Some Suggestions for the Argolid Peninsula – by Paraskevi ELEFANTI & Gilbert MARSHALL; Greek Migrations along the Ionian Coast (Southern Italy) – by Maurizio CRUDO; Variation in Material Culture: Adoption of Greek Ceramics in an Indigenous Sicilian Site (8th century BC) – by Anna RAUDINO; The Jewish Diaspora in the Roman Empire. Diaspora, Social Agents and Social Networks: Towards the Creation of a New Analytical Toolkit – by Maria ALVAREZ-FOLGADO; A Road to Firuzabad – by Domiziana ROSSI; Exploring Immigrant Identities: The Link between Portuguese Ceramics and Sephardic Immigrants in 17th Century Amsterdam – by Marijn STOLK; From War Material Culture to Popular Heritage, and Beyond. The PSP “Cancelli di Venosa” as paradigms of Object Biography Theory – by Jesus GARCIA SANCHEZ; Review: A. Falcone & A. D’Eredita (eds.) ARCHEOSOCIAL L’Archeologia Riscrive il Web: Esperienze, Strategie e Buone Pratiche, Rende (CS): Dielle Editore, 2018, 195 pp. – reviewed by Paola DI GIUSEPPANTONIO DI FRANCO