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H 280 x W 220 mm

160 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (45 plates in colour)

Published Nov 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789690293

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Numismatics; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; Byzantine; Coins; Classical Studies

KOINON: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies 1

KOINON I, 2018

Inaugural Issue: The International Journal of Classical Numismatic Studies

Editor-in-Chief Nicholas J. Molinari

Associate Editor Shawn Caza, Lloyd W.H. Taylor

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KOINON is a new international journal that encourages contributions to the study of classical numismatics from a wide variety of perspectives.



Why a New Journal in Classical Numismatics? An Editorial by Nicholas J. Molinari; GREEK NUMISMATICS; Sophocles’ Trachiniae and the Apotheosis of Herakles: The Importance of Acheloios and Some Numismatic Confirmations – by Nicholas J. Molinari; Provenance Lost and Found: Alfred Bourguignon – by John Voukelatos; A Philip III Tetradrachm Die Pair Recycled by Seleukos I – by Lloyd W.H. Taylor; Blundered Era Date on Coin of Arados, Civic Year 119 – by Martin Rowe; ROMAN NUMISMATICS; Sotto l’egida di Minerva: Echi monetali delle imprese britanniche da Cesare ai Severi – by Luigi Pedroni; A Doubted Variety of M. Aemilius Scaurus and P. Plautius Hypsaeus Vindicated – by Jordan Montgomery and Richard Schaefer; Redating Nepotian’s Usurpation and the Coinage of Magnentius – by Shawn Caza; A previously unrecorded reverse for Constantine I – by Victor Clark; ORIENTAL NUMISMATICS; The Dating and the Sequence of the Persid Frataraka Revisited – by Wilhelm Müseler; The Kilwa Coins of Sultan al-Ḥasan ibn Sulaymān in their Historical Context – by N.J.C. Smith; An Introduction to Parthian Silver Fractions, The Little Anomalies of Arsacid Coinage – by Bob Langnas; An interesting denaro tornese of the Barons Revolt of 1459-1464 and some considerations regarding Nicola II di Monforte – by Andrei Bontas; A CATALOG OF NEW VARIETIES

About the Author

Nicholas J. Molinari, MA, MEd, is a doctoral candidate in Humanities at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. His dissertation, in preparation, concerns Acheloios in relation to Thales and the origin of philosophy, and incorporates archaeological and numismatic evidence to paint a more robust picture of Thales and the emergence of philosophical activity. He is the co-author, with Dr. Nicola Sisci, of Potamikon: Sinews of Acheloios. A Comprehensive Catalog of the Bronze Coinage of the Man-Faced Bull, with Essays on Origin and Identity (Oxford: Archaeopress, 2016).