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Published Sep 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781789690132

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Greek philosophy; Greek history; Greek historiography; Latin literature; Latin history; Latin historiography; Greco-Roman material culture; Greco-Roman religion; Greco-Roman literature; Classical archaeology

At the Crossroads of Greco-Roman History, Culture, and Religion

Papers in Memory of Carin M. C. Green

Edited by Sinclair W. Bell, Lora L. Holland

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Papers in honour of Carin M. C. Green (1948-2015) are presented under 3 headings: (1) Greek philosophy, history, and historiography; (2) Latin literature, history, and historiography; and (3) Greco-Roman material culture, religion, and literature



Bibliography of Works by Carin M. C. Green; Introduction – by Lora L. Holland and Sinclair W. Bell; Crossroads 1: Greek Philosophy, History, and Historiography; 1. Herakles’ Thirteenth Labor – by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin; 2. Thucydides’ Verdict on Nicias (7.86.5) and the Paradigm of Tragedy – by Frances B. Titchener and Mark L. Damen; 3. 'Men, Friends': The Sociological Mechanics of Xenophontic Leaders Winning Subordinates as Friends – by Robert Holschuh Simmons; 4. (Pre)historiography and Periegesis: Pausanias’ Description of Mycenae for a Roman Audience – by Lynne A. Kvapil; Crossroads 2: Latin Literature, History, and Historiography; 5. Catullus and the Personal Empire – by Christopher Nappa; 6. Ex opportunitate loci: Understanding Geographic Advantage (Sallust, Bellum Iugurthinum 48.1–53.8) – by Andrew Montgomery; 7. Sallust’s Allobrogian Envoys – by Kathryn Williams; 8. Horace, Satires 1.7 and the urbanissimus iocus – by John Svarlien; 9. Ovid among the Barbarians: Tristia 5.7a and 5.7b – by Helena Dettmer; 10. The Introduction of Characters in Petronius – by Martha Habash; 11. Playing the Victor: Triumphal Anxiety in Neronian Satire – by Mark Thorne; Crossroads 3: Greco-Roman Material Culture, Religion, and Literature; 12. Theocritus’ First Idyll and Vergil’s First Eclogue: Two New Translations – by Jane Wilson Joyce; 13. The Popularity of Hercules in Pre-Roman Central Italy – by Karl Galinsky; 14. Spolia as Strategy in the Early Roman Empire: Reused Statues in Augustan Rome – by Brenda Longfellow; 15. Ovid and the Legend of Capella (Fasti 5.111–128) – by John F. Miller; 16. Galen and the Culture of Dissection – by Lesley Dean-Jones; 17. Warts and All: The Paratexts in the Iowa Lucan – by Samuel J. Huskey; 18. Three Editions of Lucan’s Bellum Civile – by Mark Morford

About the Author

SINCLAIR W. BELL is a classical archaeologist and art historian who teaches at Northern Illinois University. He is the co-editor of ten books, the Associate Editor of Etruscan and Italic Studies, and the author of numerous works on Etruscan and Roman art and archaeology. He is a recipient of fellowships from the American Academy in Rome, the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, and the George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation. | LORA L. HOLLAND chairs the department of Classics at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her main area of research is the religions of the Roman Republic but she has published on a wide range of topics, including Greek tragedy, Roman comedy, and the history of women in Roman religion. She is a former Blegen Research Fellow at Vassar College, Visiting Fellow in Greek and Roman Religion at the Center for Hellenic Studies, and Visiting Scholar at the American Academy in Rome.