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514 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (110 plates in colour)

Published Aug 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784919627

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Dosariyah; Saudi Arabia; Archaeology; Excavations; Prehistory; Neolithic; Pottery; Material Evidence

British Foundation for the Study of Arabia Monographs 19

Dosariyah: An Arabian Neolithic Coastal Community in the Central Gulf

Edited by Philipp Drechsler

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Describes the work carried out by the joint German-Saudi Dosariyah Archaeological Research Project (DARP) between 2010 and 2014 at Dosariyah, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.



Preface; Chapter 1: The Site and its Context – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 2: Geomorphology, Geoarchaeology and Paleoenvironments – by Adrian G. Parker, Simon J. Armitage, Max Engel, Mike W. Morley, Ash Parton, Gareth W. Preston and Hannah Russ; Chapter 3: Defining the Archeological Setting: the Dosariyah Survey – by Shumon T. Hussain and Felix Levenson; Chapter 4: Geophysical Survey – by Martin Posselt; Chapter 5: Archeological Surface Collections and Excavations – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 6: Dating Dosariyah – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 7: The Pottery – by Christine Kainert; Chapter 8: Geochemical Analysis of Putative Local and Ubaid Ceramics from Dosariyah – by Peter Magee and Steven Karacic; Chapter 9: Reworked Pottery – by Christine Kainert and Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 10: Fired Clay Objects – by Christine Kainert; Chapter 11: Lithic Industry – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 12: Variability of Arrowhead Shapes – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 13: Hematite Objects and the Use of Red Pigments – by Philipp Drechsler, Christoph Berthold and Christine Kainert; Chapter 14: Bone Industry – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 15: Personal Adornment – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 16: Bitumen Objects – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 17: Chemical Composition of Bitumen – by Thomas Van de Velde; Chapter 18: Plaster Morphology – by Philipp Drechsler; Chapter 19: Morphological and Geochemical Analysis of Plaster Samples – by Susan M. Mentzer, Markus Seil, Hilmar Adler, Thomas Chassé, Bertrand Ligouis, Christoph Berthold and Christopher E. Miller; Chapter 20: Faunal Remains and Subsistence Strategies – by Margarethe Uerpmann and Hans-Peter Uerpmann; Chapter 2: Isotopic Analyses of Cattle Teeth – by Corina Knipper and Michael Maus; Chapter 22: Archaeomalacology of Dosariyah: Diversity, Taphonomy and Distribution of Gastropods and Bivalves – by James H. Nebelsick, Philipp Drechsler and Paolo G. Albano; Chapter 23: Exploitation of the Marine Snail Hexaplex kuesterianus – by Georg Häussler, James H. Nebelsick and Philipp Drechsler; Conclusions – by Philipp Drechsler; Epilogue

About the Author

Philipp Drechsler is a research fellow at the University of Tübingen, Germany, where he received his PhD in 2008. Trained in prehistoric archaeology, geology and geography, he has a particular interest in the emergence and the development of food producing – Neolithic – societies on the Arabian Peninsula. His fields of expertise include lithic studies, the analysis of spatial patterns of human behaviour and human action against the background of changing environmental conditions. He is head of the joint German-Saudi Dosariyah Archaeological Research Project (DARP), and has also been invited to participate in research projects in Qatar, V.A.E and Syria.