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Published Apr 2018

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784918897

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3D; reconstructions; archaeology; archaeological theory; method; GIS; Classical archaeology

Visualizing cityscapes of Classical antiquity: from early modern reconstruction drawings to digital 3D models

With a case study from the ancient town of Koroneia in Boeotia, Greece

By Chiara Piccoli

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The study presented here aims to make a practical contribution to a new understanding and use of digital 3D reconstructions in archaeology, namely as ‘laboratories’ to test hypotheses and visualize, evaluate and discuss multiple interpretations.



1. Introduction; 2. Reconstructing past cityscapes before the digital age: A view on Greek and Roman towns; 3. Three-dimensional visualizations in archaeology: An additional tool in the archaeologist’s toolbox; 4. The ancient town of Koroneia: Geographical context, historical background and synthesis of the preliminary results by the Boeotia survey; 5.The Graeco-Roman town as a physical entity: Sources for a comparison; 6. Enhancing Koroneia’s GIS survey data with the third dimension: A procedural modelling approach; 7. Conclusions; Bibliography

About the Author

CHIARA PICCOLI is an Italian archaeologist currently employed as a staff member of the Digital Archaeology Research group at the Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, The Netherlands. Her expertise lies in the applications of 3D modelling techniques and 2D-3D GIS to visualize and analyse archaeological evidence. Her research interests include urban studies, visual studies, and the exploitation of digital tools and new technologies for documentation, visualization, analysis and dissemination. She has participated in several excavations and surveys in Italy, Greece and Morocco. Chiara holds a BA in Cultural Heritage (University of Trento), an MA in Greek and Roman Archaeology (University of Siena) and an MA in Book and Digital Media Studies (Leiden University). She received the Tiele-Stichting Thesis Prize 2011 for the best MA dissertation in the field of Book History in the Netherlands.