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Published Apr 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Computer applications in archaeology; Iron Age; Hillfort; Survey; Archaeological Theory; San Martín de Beduledo; Allande; Spain

From the Archaeological Record to Virtual Reconstruction

The Application of Information Technologies at an Iron Age Fortified Settlement (San Chuis Hillfort, Allande, Asturias, Spain)

By Juana Molina Salido

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From the Archaeological Record to Virtual Reconstruction' describes the use of New Information Technologies (IT) for the analyses and interpretation of the archaeological record of an Iron Age fortified settlement, the San Chuis Hillfort (San Martín de Beduledo, Allande, Asturias, Spain).



Prologue; Part I - Objectives, support, archaeological and methodological framework; Introduction: subject of study, thesis, aims and other considerations; Chapter 1. The archaeological and chronological framework: the Iron Age in the Asturian West; Chapter 2. Archaeology today: digital documentation, preservation, and the interpretation of archaeological sites; Part II - The San Chuis hillfort; Chapter 3. The San Chuis hillfort; Part III – What was achieved and how; Chapter 4. Materials and methods; Chapter 5. The spatial data infrastructure (SDI) of the hillfort; Chapter 6. Spatial analysis; Chapter 7. Virtual San Chuis; Chapter 8. Conclusions; Appendix I. Planimetry and Harris Matrix Contents

About the Author

Juana Molina Salido obtained a PhD in Prehistory and Archaeology. She has a long experience as an archaeologist, specialising in the application of New Information Technologies in the development of archaeological work, both in the field and in the cabinet. In addition, she is a Technical Specialist in Heritage Virtualization. She is currently collaborating on several research projects at the UNED, the Middle Paleolithic site of Jarama VI and on the hillfort that is the subject of this book.