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139 figures, 154 plates (7 colour pages)

Published Jun 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784918415

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Coins; Numismatics; Greece; Rhodes; Late Antiquity; Byzantine; Hospitallier; Middle Ages; Ottoman

Coins in Rhodes

From the monetary reform of Anastasius I until the Ottoman conquest (498 - 1522)

By Anna-Maria Kasdagli

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Presents the Byzantine and medieval coins collected by Greek archaeologists in Rhodes over a period of more than 60 years. It includes lists of excavated land plots, stray finds, an illustrated catalogue of all the Byzantine and local coins up to 1309, and a representative sample of the Hospitaller petty coins as well as all Western coins found.



Prologue ;
Introduction ;
PART I. BYZANTIUM (498 - 1309): Period of the Imperial Mints (498-1204) ;
The 13th century (1204 - 1309) ;
Part II. HOSPITALLER PERIOD (1309-1522): The Order of St John ;
Hospitaller minting ;
Rhodian silver and gold ;
Petty coins ;
Foreign coins ;
Overview - Conclusions ;
Bibliography ;
Appendices: List of excavated properties and sites with coin finds dated 498-1522 ;
Coin finds of the period 498-1522 ;
Selected contexts ;
The Catalogue and Plates ;

About the Author

Anna-Maria Kasdagli BA (University of Birmingham, UK); MA, PhD (University of Athens, Greece) is an archaeologist, employed by the Greek Ministry of Culture in Rhodes since 1986. She is involved in restoration projects, rescue excavation, heritage protection and heritage awareness promotion. She has published papers on Byzantine and Hospitaller coins, epigraphics, medieval monuments of Rhodes and a volume on Hospitaller architectural sculpture.


The book exemplifies the potential, but also the limitations, of excavation finds. Nonetheless the author has performed wonders in extracting as much information as possible from the evidence and her classification of the petty coinage of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries will surely be the standard for the foreseeable future. - Marcus Phillips (2020), The Numismatic Chronicle, Issue 180.