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160 pages

Illustrated throughout in black & white (36 colour plates)

Published May 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784918316

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Architecture; archaeology; historic era; early modern; archaeological theory

Buildings in Society: International Studies in the Historic Era

Edited by Liz Thomas, Jill Campbell

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This book presents a series of papers reflecting the latest approaches to the study of buildings from the historic period. This volume does not examine buildings as architecture, rather it adopts an archaeological perspective to consider them as artefacts, reflecting the needs of those who commissioned them.



Buildings in Society International Introduction – Liz Thomas and Jill Campbell ;
What is Building History? Emergence and Practice in Britain and Ireland – Mark Gardiner ;
The Domestic, Ritual Use of ‘Salt Niches’ in Southern and Eastern England, c.1500 to 1700 AD – Jonathan Duck ;
Architecture and Community at Hummingbird Pueblo, New Mexico – Evangelia Tsesmeli ;
Houses and Buildings – on Physical and Social Space in Early Modern Swedish Towns – Andrine Nilsen and Göran Tagesson ;
Structures and Social Order in a Medieval Italian Monastery and Village: Architecture and Experience in Villamagna – Caroline Goodson ;
Ethnic Buildways: Phenomenology in the Architectural Grammar of Later Medieval Córdoba (Spain). – D.A. Lenton ;
Hybrid Vernacular: Houses and the Colonial Process in the West of Ireland in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries – Eve Campbell ;
The Development of the Apartment Building in 18th century Vienna – Paul Mitchell ;
Store Heddinge Church – a Mystery Solved? – Leif Plith Lauritsen ;
Creating a Choreographed Space: English Anglo-Norman Keeps in the Twelfth Century – Katherine Weikert ;
A Convict History: The Tale of Two Asylums – Susan Piddock

About the Author

Liz Thomas is a historical-archaeologist and heritage and cultural researcher based at the School of Natural and Built Environment, The Queen’s University of Belfast. She recently completed her British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, a multidisciplinary study that focused on the docklands of Belfast, Northern Ireland. She specialises in the study of institutions, in particular won policymaking, political environments and human agency. Thomas’ current research is based on Public Heritage. ;

Jill Campbell is a skilled buildings archaeologist. She has conducted fieldwork in Northern Ireland, England and Scotland and has produced architectural histories for the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. Dr Campbell has several published papers, and has contributed a chapter on medieval manor houses to the Oxford Handbook of Later Medieval Archaeology.