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174 figures (54 colour plates)

Published Mar 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784918071

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Archaeology; Roman; Bridge; Romania; Bulgaria; Dolni Vadin; Grojdibodu

Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 38

The Roman Bridge between Dolni Vadin (Bulgaria) and Grojdibodu (Romania)

By Dorel Bondoc

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This volume contains all the available data on the Roman bridge over the Danube which connected Dolni Vadin (Bulgaria) and Grojdibodu (Romania) that the author was able to access given the fact that there have been no archaeological excavations at the feet of the bridge.



Foreword ;
Introduction ;
1. Research method and techniques ;
2. History of the research ;
2.1. Research of Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli ;
2.2. Research of Professor Dumitru Tudor ;
2.3. Research of Nicu Vintilă ;
2.4. Research of Dorel Bondoc ;
2.4.1. Exploration of the southern bank (Bulgarian) of the Danube ;
2.4.2. Exploration of the northern (Romanian) bank of the Danube ;
3. Conclusions ;
3.1. How was the bridge from Dolni Vadin-Grojdibodu built? ;
3.2. When was the bridge of Dolni Vadin-Grojdibodu built and by whom? ;
3.3. Why was a bridge Dolni Vadin-Grojdibodu needed? ;
3.4. When was the bridge of Dolni Vadin- Grojdibodu no longer functional? ;
Appendix 1. About an amphora fragment discovered in the masonry work of the bridge at Dolni Vadin – Andrei Opait ;
Appendix 2. Considerations on the Roman bridge over the Danube between Dolni Vadin and Grojdibodu – Cornel Rădulescu ;
Appendix 3. Archaeological discoveries from the Roman period, in the area of the village Dolni Vadin – Bulgaria – Dorel Bondoc ;
Appendix 4. Archaeological discoveries from the Roman period, in the area of the village Grojdibodu - Romania – Dorel Bondoc ;
Appendix 5. Ancient and Byzantine coins – The Collection of Vintilă Nicu, formed in Grojdibodu area, Olt County – Delia Moisil ;
Appendix 6. The diploma from Grojdibodu (CIL XVI 75 = IDR I 10) – Dan Dana and Dorel Bondoc ;

About the Author

Dorel Bondoc is an expert archaeologist at the Museum of Oltenia, Craiova, Romania. He obtained a PhD in Ancient History (Roman Archaeology) from the University in Bucharest in 2004. Dorel is a director of the archaeological research projects on the sites of Cioroiu Nou, the fortress of Legio VII Claudia, and Racarii de Jos, the Roman auxiliary fort. Over time he has published many articles and studies, as well as several books.