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Published Mar 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Cornwall; Archaeology; Palaeoenvironmental studies; Landscape archaeology; prehistory; molluscs; British archaeology; Multiperiod

The Gwithian Landscape: Molluscs and Archaeology on Cornish Sand Dunes

By Thomas Walker, Thomas M. Walker

Contributions by Rowena Y. Banerjea, C. Rob Batchelor

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Gwithian, on the north coast of Cornwall, is a multiperiod archaeological site. The present work explores the palaeoenvironment of the area around the settlement sites, from the Neolithic, when sand dunes initially developed in the Red River valley, to the present post-industrial landscape.



Preface; Foreword by Jacqueline A. Nowakowski; Chapter I – Introduction ; Chapter II – Gwithian and its archaeological complex; Chapter III – Previous molluscan studies at Gwithian; Chapter IV – The current study at Gwithian; Chapter V – The coring transect; Chapter VI – Percussion cores; Chapter VII – Hand auger cores; Chapter VIII – Pollen analysis at Gwithian – by Dr. C. R. Batchelor ; Chapter IX – Chronology and discussion of the coring transect; Chapter X – Trench excavation; Chapter XI – Micromorphology analysis of a buried soil – by Dr R. Y. Banerjea; Chapter XII – Mollusc studies in the wider Gwithian landscape; Chapter XIII – Mining for tin and other metals; Chapter XIV – Discussion and conclusions; Conclusions; Bibliography

About the Author

THOMAS WALKER is Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading. After a career in medicine he entered the world of archaeology in retirement, initially studying for a BSc at Reading and then progressing to a PhD. This monograph is based on his PhD thesis, which explored the palaeoenvironment of blown sands in Cornwall, principally at Gwithian.