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Published Feb 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917951

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American Archaeology; North America; Wyoming; Colorado; Prehistory; Chronometric; Spatial; Subsistence; Prehistoric technology; Prehistoric architecture

Archaeological Data Recovery in the Piceance and Wyoming Basins of Northwestern Colorado and Southwestern Wyoming

Edited by Matthew J. Landt

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In 2008-9, a 14-in. natural gas liquids pipeline was constructed in Colorado and Wyoming. Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Inc. was hired to survey the route; the major research themes presented here synthesize chronometric and spatial information, subsistence, prehistoric technology, small cultural features, and prehistoric architecture.



Chapter 1: Introduction – by Alan D. Reed and Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 2: Effective Environment – by Rand A. Greubel, Jenn Mueller, Alan D. Reed, and Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 3: Culture History – by Jenn Mueller, Rand A. Greubel, Jonathon C. Horn, Alan D. Reed,and Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 4: Methods – by Matthew J. Landt, Alan D. Reed, Jonathon C. Horn, Justin P. Williams, Michael J. Prouty, Jenn Mueller, Abbie L. Harrison, Martha Bright and Stephanie L. Dudash; Chapter 5: Site Distribution and Settlement Patterns – by Jeremy Omvig and Iraida A. Rodriquez; Chapter 6: Subsistence – by Abbie L. Harrison, Jenn Mueller, and Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 7: Prehistoric Technology – by Rand A. Greubel, Jaclyn Mullen, Jeremy Omvig, Michael J. Prouty, Charles A. Reed, and Jenn Mueller; Chapter 8: Thermal Features – by Sara A. Millward; Chapter 9: Prehistoric Architecture – by Charles A. Reed and Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 10: Application of Remote Sensing – by Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 11: Utility of Prehistoric Archaeological Units – by Matthew J. Landt; Chapter 12: Historic Research Themes – by Jack E. Pfertsh and Tracy L. Hoose; Chapter 13: Project Evaluation – by Matthew J. Landt and Alan D. Reed

About the Author

Matthew Landt has more than 20 years’ archaeological experience across the western and central United States. He has authored publications in regional and national journals and actively pursues the presentation of archaeological data to the public. He has worked at Alpine Archaeological Consultants since 2007. Alpine has provided cultural resource services for a wide variety of projects since their founding in 1988. During the past 30 years, they have completed numerous local, regional, and interstate projects and have a broad region of expertise, covering the Great Plains, Mountain West, Great Basin, and the Greater Southwest.