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170 pages

Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white

Published Feb 2018

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917807

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Augustus; Rome; Roman; Archaeology; Architecture; Urban Issues; Painting; Fine Art; Glyptics; Numismatics; Ancient World

Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 36

Augustus: From Republic to Empire

Edited by Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner, Jarosław Bodzek

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Proceedings from the conference ‘AUGUSTUS. 23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD – 2000 years of divinity’ held in Kakow, 2014. Papers deal with a variety of topics ranging from architecture, urban issues and painting to fine art represented by glyptics and numismatics.



Preface ;
IMP XV/SICIL – The debate over the Augustus golden quaternion of Pompeii – Katarzyna Balbuza ;
Propaganda of victory in iconography on gems from Novae – Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner ;
An attempt at identifying the location of the ancient agora in Chersonesus Taurica – Andrzej B. Biernacki and Elena Klenina ;
Changes in the urban layout and architecture of the ancient town in Marina el-Alamein at the turn of eras – Rafał Czerner ;
The Augustan inspirations for the decoration of the chimney place in the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace in Warsaw. presented to mark the occasion of the University of Warsaw bicentennial – Piotr Dyczek ;
Octavian/Augustus’s propaganda messages encoded on ancient engraved gems from the Constantine Schmidt-Ciążyński collection – Paweł Gołyźniak ;
Capricorn and the star: the astrological symbols of Augustus – Szymon Jellonek ;
Between greatness and divinity. Augustus in ancient tradition and medieval legend – Agata A. Kluczek ;
Octavian in Egypt. Propaganda and graffiti – Adam Łukaszewicz ;
The villa of Livia on the Via Flaminia and its restoration at the bimillenarius of Augustus (2014) – Marina Piranomonte ;
Plundered art in the galleries of Augustan Rome – Tomasz Polański ;
Residential villas in Italy in the Augustan age: the case-study of the Sabina Tiberina – Carla Sfameni ;
Augustus and Cyrenaica – Jerzy Żelazowski