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Published Apr 2018

Archaeopress Journals


Paperback: 9781784917630

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Heritage studies; conflict archaeology; culture; archaeology

Ex Novo: Journal of Archaeology 2

Who Owns the Past?

Archaeological Heritage between Idealism and Destruction

Edited by Maja Gori, Alessandro Pintucci, Martina Revello Lami


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This volume, part of the wider Ex Novo series, hosts papers exploring the various ways in which the past is remembered, recovered, created and used. In particular, contributions discuss the role of archaeology in present-day conflict areas and its function as peacekeeping tool or as trigger point for military action.



Maja GORI, Alessandro PINTUCCI & Martina REVELLO LAMI – Editorial: Who Owns the Past? Archaeological Heritage between Idealisation andDestruction ;
Caroline A. SANDES – Remembering Beirut: lessons for archaeology and (post-)conflict urban redevelopment in Aleppo ;
Nour A. MUNAWAR – Reconstructing Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones: Should Palmyra be Rebuilt? ;
Augusto PALOMBINI – The rights of reproducing Cultural Heritage in the digital Era. An Italian Perspective ;
Emily R. HANSCAM – Frontiers of Romania: Nationalism and the Ideological Space of the Roman Limes ;
Ivan MARINOV & Nicolas ZORZIN – Thracology and Nationalism in Bulgaria – Deconstructing Contemporaneous Historical and Archaeological Representations ;