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Published Dec 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781784917524

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Cuman; Medieval; Middle Ages; Hungary; Hungarian Kingdom; Nomad; Warrior; Farming; Land-use; Husbandry; Zooarchaeology; Ethnography; Anthropology; Archaeozoology

Archaeolingua Central European Archaeological Heritage Series 10

New Home, New Herds: Cuman Integration and Animal Husbandry in Medieval Hungary from an Archaeozoological Perspective

By Kyra Lyublyanovics

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The Cumans are known to history as nomadic, mounted warriors. Some arrived in the Hungarian Kingdom in the mid-thirteenth century seeking asylum, eventually settling and integrating. This study collects historical, ethnographic and archaeological information on the animal husbandry aspect of the development of the Cuman population in Hungary.



Preface; Chapter 1: Cuman history in perspective; Chapter 2: Methodological concerns; Chapter 3: Cuman economic orientation in Hungary; Chapter 4: Exploitation of the environment; Chapter 5: Processing the animal body; Chapter 6: Caring for sick beasts: pathologies, livestock health and veterinary treatment; Chapter 7: Conclusions; Bibliography; Appendix