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Published Dec 2017

Archaeopress Archaeology


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Lamps; Rhodes; Dodecanese; Late Antiquity; Rescue Excavations; Catalogue

The Lamps of Late Antiquity from Rhodes

3rd–7th centuries AD

By Angeliki Katsioti

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This study focuses on the recording, study and publication of the corpus of the Late Antique lamps dating from the 3rd to the 7th centuries as found in rescue excavations in the town of Rhodes. The aim here is to present the diachronic changes in the artistic sensibility and preferences of this particular market.



A. 1. Introduction; A. 2. The Historical Context; B. THE LAMPS; B. 1. The Corinthian Lamps; B. 2. The Cypriot Lamps; B.3. The Attic Lamps; B. 4. The ‘Rhodian’ Lamps; B. 5. The So-called Asia Minor and the Asia Minor-type Lamps; B. 6. The Knidian Lamps; B. 7. The ‘Samian-type’ Lamps; B. 8. The ‘Aegean type’ Lamps; B. 9. The North African Lamps; B. 10. Unplaced: The Greek East Lamps; B. 11. The Wheel-made Lamps; B. 12. The Lamps of a Copper Alloy; C. Epilogue – Conclusions; D.1. Topographic map of Rhodes and location of excavation work (a list of the land-plots from which the lamps came); D.2. List of signatures, inscriptions and symbols; D.3. List of plates (signatures, inscriptions and symbols); D.4. Plates; D.5. List of Illustrations; D.6. Illustrations; D.7. Concordance of registration numbers and catalogue numbers; D.8. Bibliography-Abbreviations; E.1. NAA Analysis of Late Roman Lamps from Rhodes; E.2. The Preparation of a Preliminary XRF Database and the Comparison of Provenanced and Unprovenanced Lamps from Rhodes: An XRF Study Conducted by the University of Hartford Research Group; E.3. Some comments on the NAA and XRF analyses results

About the Author

Dr Angeliki Katsioti works for the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports at the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Dodecanese, as a Head of the Department of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Sites, Monuments, Research and Museums. Her main research interests are Late Roman archaeology, as well as Byzantine art and iconography.